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  2. I believe everyone that shoots regularly should join USPSA just in order to keep the organization existing. The fee is not much to ask and it's used to benefit all of us as a whole. However, an area that is being overlooked is the unintended consequences of USPSA's decisions in the number of divisions and its impact. I had to re-assess my life five years ago based on costs (trippled over the last seven years) and other factors and now I just shoot local matches instead of Area and Nats. Even then, I reached a point of diminished returns mainly because even attending a local match with about "60" shooters (sounds good, right?) does not provide a real challenge anymore. I am a "true" GM and I need someone, alot of shooters actually, to try to kick my butt. That's why I go...for the test. Those "60" shooters are now usually broke down to about 15-20 in Limited, 15-20 in Production and the rest divided amongst the rest of all the other divisions we have created. Ask yourself, is 5-10 shooters in a division really a competition? "Back in the day" when we had 2 Divisions, one would compete against 30-40 shooters. Some of us also remember when we had only one Division (wasn't really a "Division") but I'm not advocating for that either. The answer is not, per se, get more shooters. It may be for a smaller club, but in larger areas, having more then 80 shooters at a club match can be exhausting, especially for those that have to drive a distance. Add to this, the prolifiration of less than quality stages, say...."bubble gum". That's right, I said it...and you have exclusion. Exclusion of thousands of other shooters who didn't want the bubble gum virus spreading in our sport. USPSA has made its stand clear by making certain decisions, based on rules instead of Principles and I believe those choices have made an impact. USPSA is now all over the place (what I call MPD...Multiple Personality Disorder) instead of a solid straight path. So I look at the "value" of joining differently. I look at it as more of the value of "competing". What is "USPSA" doing, or doing that is detremental to the value of me joining and competing.
  3. How do you shoot a Texas Star? That's easy...hand grenade.
  4. The Holland quick discharge comp is outstanding, especially for magnums but works great on any caliber. Available thru Brownells. It drastically softens the recoil and is shorter than most comps. It does need to be threaded and properly centered. It also comes in different finishes and has no bottom ports so there's no dust cloud.
  5. Ok, then. To confuse the issue even more, what happens if you have a production gun that came from the factory, with factory parts and a factory trigger set screw installed by the factory? Cuz that's what my XD9 is.
  6. Clearly, MG has its unique needs. As I said, we need to EXPLORE alternatives. Breaking it down at a 19 stage handgun nats, for example, you may have roughly 60 RO's alone, not to mention other "paid" staff. That could be anywhere between 20%-30% of the folks there. As far as costs, based on what has been published, we are paying out roughly $50,000-$60,000 for total RO expenses from each handgun Nationals. There are alternatives and my point is that "IF" prize tables, etc, need a boost.....
  7. With all due respect to everyone at USPSA, I will go ahead and say it. I see two problems: 1. We are over administrating every nationals with too many RO's, which adds costs. ie., 3 RO's per stage. Do the math. This is an area that is costing money (taking money away from the match that could be used elsewhere). Not to say we don't need RO's, just saying we need to explore alternatives to 3 per stage. 2. Is it possible that we are spreading ourselves too thin? ie., adding more food on our plate via Steel Challenge.
  8. Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. USPS is a governmental entity, therefore, bound by federal laws. For LE only, however, there is an exception for shipping pistols to FFL or manufacturers. You just need to fill out a special exemption form they have, show your ID and mail it it a proper box. In fact, it doesn't even need to be overnighted and if you did, its only around $35. Again, this is for LE only. In regards to Fed Ex and UPS, those regs regarding "Frames" being defined as a firearm are THEIR OWN regs and not some federal charging statute making it a crime. So lets say one "got caught" shipping "gun parts" in two boxes or had to file a claim on a loss. I suppose the worst thing they would/could do is flag your name and never take your money again. A few months ago, UPS wanted $82 to mail my duty XD back to Springfield. As you can imagine, this was vulgar to me but I was in uniform. I decided against it and checked with USPS. I kept the tag UPS gave me and I plan to speak to my senator about this as I feel it directly impacts interstate commerce, which UPS and Fed Ex have been given a license to conduct in my state.
  9. Ara

    Glock 21 SF

    I tested a 21SF and then got one. I have since switched to it for duty along with a G30 to replace my G23 for off-duty. I shot it out of the box and was getting .13 splits on demand. It shoots surpisingly soft and tracks even better especially as a big-bore. Most of all, the new grip fills the hands just enough, even with Tru-grip. (The medium frames are nice but just a shade on the small side especially for the support hand). The angle is not as extreme and it feels obviously different from the old 21 and medium frames. I use Heinie 3-dot tritiums to make this already accurate gun even better. The Trijicon sights don't do it justice. I also have a commited TLR-1 light with no malfunctions. I have fired over 700 rds with 8 different 21SF mags topped off to 13 without one hickup. Speer Gold Dot and Blazer 230 gr chrono at 200 PF! I received mine from a GSSF match with an ambi mag release by mistake? I had requested the standard. (which by the way, frames are mag release specific and not interchangable). I was originally concerned about the corner of the mag release digging in but it has not been an issue for me even after a 300 rd day. A concern may be, however, the vulnerability of now having both sides bumped in a gun grab situation but I am not aware of one documented situation of even one side being a factor. I suppose I could file it down. If you had to order one and are right handed, I would stick to the standard model. The 21SF mags work in the G30 so I can use those as spares instead of the standard 10 rounder. For defensive/duty use, its hard to beat if you want a full size gun. A very accurate, light-weight gun with 14 rds of 45 ACP and ultra-reliable. I believe it also has huge potential for IDPA.
  10. Ara

    Need feedback for G35

    I need any feedback for any problems with these two loads using a stock G35 barrel: Zero 200 gr TMJ using N310 or N320 (Specifically OAL or presure issues using stock barrel). My current oal is 1.145 which seems to chamber. Has anyone gone shorter for a 200 gr in a Glock? Precision 185 gr (specifically any issues with the bullet versus jacketed).
  11. Ok, still clear as mud. Based on that, you MAY be able to use a plastic plug that fits flush with the bottom. All it does is "internal beveling" which is allowed. External plugs and Seatle Slugs as mentioned refer to the type that protrude beyond the frame. It seems that "no magwell attachments or external flaring" means what it says, you can't drop in a mag well but you can bevel the inside, which makes sense. If a guy has an old Berretta, which came un-beveled, he should be allowed to take a file to it. My thought then is a flush fitting plug should be ok. This is something they will have to rule on if the wording stays the same.
  12. Ara

    Grip Tape?

    Don't listen to Eric, Tru-grip is the only way to go. Tru-grips flex and stretch and stay on and are very reasonably priced for a set of three. Over time, the surface wears a little but it depends on how much you shoot. The courseness of the surface is just right so that you still have sensitivity compared to standard skate tape which is too rough. I used to have my S_I grips custom altered but now with Tru-grip, I just throw them on and never look back. All my Glocks are wrapped except for my off-duty. I also recommend Tru-grip to all our Academy students and try to get them during training. Increasing friction between the hands and gun makes a world of differrence, especially on issued Glocks. Haven't tried it on cars (yet )but seems like every doorway at home is scratched up about waist high.
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