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  1. Yep, I done all the tests (I don't use the SpringCo anymore)... An aftermaket 14# spring would be perfect BUT no one sells one that I could find?....The 13# spring is borderline , generally worked but not good enough for competition. My fix, just cut 3/4 coils of the stock recoil spring.. Easy to do (i've posted how).
  2. Enjoy, best handgun deal out there.... I shoot one of mine in competition, it's very dependibile and accurate with or without the Vortex Venom 6 moa dot.
  3. Use a sight pusher, it's a tight fit.... DON'T use the Dawson tool the NcStar Vism (universal) works fine.. (EBay)
  4. mike NM

    Quest for the best non-mag PCC Optic

    I don't like looking thru a tube, limits my target acquisition.... I don't need to hunt for a target if I can see all the background and target vs looking through a tube...... I'll stick with my C-Mores.... The interchangeable modules cinch the deal for me....I've tried them all...
  5. mike NM

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    Are you referring to the CZ 13 coil spring kits??? (Megar mags)
  6. mike NM

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    Here are a few choices, I've tried most of them. The SpringCo w/white spring (not using presently, works but didn't like the secondary spring function when I had to "show clear" at the end of a course of fire). Various Glock recoil set ups captured and un captured. (min. 13# spring). If you decide on trying the Glock set up?, do the Glock recoil spring function test.... hold the Canik vertically in the air (unloaded), pull trigger, does it ALWAYS go FULLY back into battery when you reset the slide with normal pressure, manually or not???... If not, the recoil spring is not strong enough...I've had a few times (using a Glock 13# recoil spring that the slide would NOT fully return to battery, .....that was enough for me to guess in competition I might have a not have full slide lock up / or a out of battery situation). I decided to see what could be done with the "stock" Canik recoil spring/rod.... (This disassembly procedure is shown on UTube or the Canik forum) or look up my Canik posts here , detailed to do's.... (compress spring, hold with vice grips, gently heat nut , remove nut, cut spring coils, put spring back on rod, compress spring, w/vice grip, a dab of blue locktite on rod, remove vice grip.....Remember if you cut too many coils off you are SOL, go slow 3/4 coils seem to work well for me.........IF someone made a 14# recoil spring for the Glock/Canik????, I'd think that work work for us. 100%???.... Haven't found one yet...... Love those Acme 145/147 red bullets w/ either n320 or TG..... Kudos to MR. Bullet feeder, just put one on my 650, ingenious device,
  7. mike NM

    New Canik TP9SFx......

    I shoot one... 11# recoil spring maybe too light.... You will see.
  8. mike NM

    Entery level production pistol

    Yep, yep, the Canik SFX .... You will be happy and these are VERY accurate guns. For production you will need the 17 rounders as the 20's won't fit in the box.... Go to the Canik forum... or watch some "Frank the tank" utubers. The mags are MetalForm made and WORK... Look around, $25/$30 for a well made mag is cheap these days !.. The Freedom trigger is a nice upgrade BUT the trigger is fine for most right out of the box..... No need for any more mods than these: for 130+ PF loads cut 3/4 coils off the stock recoil spring, collapsing spring , use vise grips on the recoil rod w/ the spring collapsed, (heat slightly), unscrew, cut spring, reinstall nut end, a tick of blue locktite..... Get either the "red" or the 6.5 # Glock striker spring. I've left the Glock striker spring retainer cups in.... Have fun!!!!,.... For COptics I'm using the Vortex Venom 6 moa dot ... Works fine... I bought the "SpringCo" recoil set up.... It's back in the bag... Worked ok, just didn't like the extra pull effort...Save $75.00.....
  9. mike NM

    Anyone shoot both Open and CO?

    Shooting CO (Canik SFX) . I've never shot so many alpha's as to when I'm shooting the 2011 gun.... Must be the aiming ? Having a reload is a new experience.... Can't decide if I like the 145 or the 135 Acme painted bullet better as opposed to the 115 FMJ used in the 2011...I'm a Super Super Senior shooter (are you listening USPSA) so speed doesn't play a factor.
  10. I know nothing about this machine (I do live in CT),
    maybe you can convince him to split shipping with you.
    Good Luck.
    DILLON RL 1050

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    Set up for 9mm Luger. Perfect condition, ready to put on your bench and load.$700. Must pick up in South Windham, CT. (203) 366-3400 WINDHAM, CT
  11. mike NM

    McLearn 13-5 comp

  12. How about $60 shipped for both. I am assuming they are for plastic guns. I can pay with Paypal gift.

    1. mike NM

      mike NM

      one sold, sorry. one left

    2. mike NM

      mike NM

      Both gone

  13. mike NM

    The Blue Bullet....

    Just sent for 2 sample packs of 9mm (135 &147).... I usually shoot FMJ's ...looking to cut costs a bit. Poster's seem to happy with their "Blue Bullets"... Comments
  14. I think I know the answer, BUT am I right, 9x23 is a tapered case, while 38 Super is straight walled case?.I have a friend who has an older gunsmith built 627, custom barrel, etc. It's 9x23 now (yes it is). He shoots 38 Super in his other 1911 style guns. I believe a Clymer 38 Super finish reamer will do this change?... He would like to get down to one caliber. Comments please.