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  1. Can you post a picture of the mod ?. Thanks.
  2. Anyone tried the 20 rd. drum yet..... I actually saw one work n a Saiga once. Had a 1919, never did get the 23 rounder to function from day one......
  3. I've owned nearly all the various mag feed shotguns through the years, none were consistent runner's, especially with the 19/23 round mags and I've tried all the different shells out there. I've read the many reviews on the RIA and bit, got one on the way from KYGunCo. i have read all the info I could find, both here and on the :net: Did someone finally get it right????, (Hope so). is the trigger going to be the biggest issue?.( I 've used the JP spring kits before and they were a low buck improvement)....... looks like Tooth&Nail and others are working on a trigger? but I can't see 4 1/2#'s as a winer?.....
  4. HuMMMM... I just installed what was described as an AR 10 buffer tube, (1" longer overall) on a recent AR build. I'm 5'7" and I like the longer OAL...
  5. 7/1/19...RIA VR 80, Thought I'd post, KYgun had 20 in stock today, make that 19... Greg Cote has or had 9 and 19 round mags -2 of each.
  6. We like e'm.... All of the above mods done, get the 6 moa dot whatever brand of dot you get..... I like my Vortex Venom
  7. Good info. makes you wonder?.... "They" must have known there was a potential problem with the jig design as it was later corrected. Smells like buyer beware. Looks like "They" need a lesson in marketing??.. Very poor!!!. Hardly customer satisfaction oriented.
  8. The Canik line and the SFX have a lot going for them. If your on a tight budget or just plain want a really great shooter? for a small expense consider them. They are very accurate, use Metalform mags (18, 20, 22 rounds with TF base pads). Carry Optics ready, and on and on...... and run like a clock. I've cut the stock recoil spring to 14#'s, use the Vortex Venom 6 moa red dot added the Freedom Arms trigger (stock is fine, FA just moves the action forward). $650/$700 total will do all this
  9. I've known Vic for years....He called me his 1st. sponsor. Many years ago, I gave him $20 for gas when he went to one of his early "big" match's. Mike Gregus
  10. Picture posted.... WHY, it's Nils.... Good choise Canik!!!
  11. I have the Taccom 5 1/2" w/aluminum shroud ,no comp.....Way early version w/ feed ramp. My opinion, the comp may make you feel better, that's about it. If I miss anything out to 100 yards??.... It's the "jerk" behind the trigger, not the gun. I have 2 other 9mm's... The 5 1/2 barrel points fastest (at least in my mind)...... Lighter=faster....
  12. I forgot to mention, I use a 6.5# Glock striker spring and the "cut" Canik set up (Glock spring cups also).Those little black devils go flying , so use the Caniks or the EZ to find Glock cups and orient them as per Glock instructions..... I have a few thousand rounds on this set up, Works 100%.... Just don't get too carried away when cutting the Canik spring..IT'S got to go back into battery when fired (NO AMMO) vertically (The Glock battery test) I don't use the Sprinco system anymore. The Caniks are VERY accurate... Just shot a USPSA local match, that use a bear trap activator on a fast closing clam sell set up... i was my usual slow self and only had a small head shot left.... Had to laff at myself , got 1 A & 2 C's on the head "0" on the white guy. .... The match director asked me... How little do I have to make the head shot area to be less visible????... (Joking)..The Freedom Arms trigger is a good upgrade BUT be mindful (for me) I feel that It just moves the trigger action a bit more forward .... That said I have the Freedom trigger on both my Canik's ..150 Acme bullet x 130 PF works great. I'm playing with both N320 & Titgroup... Either work just fine. Try the heaver bullets if you reload.. Less felt recoil (Always a personal preference)...
  13. it's simple to take apart (detailed in Canik forum.com )...... Canik uses a thread locker on the nose of the recoil rod...use vice grip pliers, to push spring down so you don't over-heat it. on flat surface or bench vise , lock pliers to guide rod, heat cap and remove it, , . Use the Glock in battery test for slide lock-up test..... I've said I think a Glock 14# recoil spring would be perfect but none available that I know of. The Glock gen 3 13# recoil setup with gen 4 adaptor sleeve would not always return to full lock up for me..... I used a bench grinder to remove 3 or 4 coils (SEE glock battery reset test)
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