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  1. I've known Vic for years....He called me his 1st. sponsor. Many years ago, I gave him $20 for gas when he went to one of his early "big" match's. Mike Gregus
  2. Picture posted.... WHY, it's Nils.... Good choise Canik!!!
  3. I have the Taccom 5 1/2" w/aluminum shroud ,no comp.....Way early version w/ feed ramp. My opinion, the comp may make you feel better, that's about it. If I miss anything out to 100 yards??.... It's the "jerk" behind the trigger, not the gun. I have 2 other 9mm's... The 5 1/2 barrel points fastest (at least in my mind)...... Lighter=faster....
  4. I forgot to mention, I use a 6.5# Glock striker spring and the "cut" Canik set up (Glock spring cups also).Those little black devils go flying , so use the Caniks or the EZ to find Glock cups and orient them as per Glock instructions..... I have a few thousand rounds on this set up, Works 100%.... Just don't get too carried away when cutting the Canik spring..IT'S got to go back into battery when fired (NO AMMO) vertically (The Glock battery test) I don't use the Sprinco system anymore. The Caniks are VERY accurate... Just shot a USPSA local match, that use a bear trap activator on a fast closing clam sell set up... i was my usual slow self and only had a small head shot left.... Had to laff at myself , got 1 A & 2 C's on the head "0" on the white guy. .... The match director asked me... How little do I have to make the head shot area to be less visible????... (Joking)..The Freedom Arms trigger is a good upgrade BUT be mindful (for me) I feel that It just moves the trigger action a bit more forward .... That said I have the Freedom trigger on both my Canik's ..150 Acme bullet x 130 PF works great. I'm playing with both N320 & Titgroup... Either work just fine. Try the heaver bullets if you reload.. Less felt recoil (Always a personal preference)...
  5. it's simple to take apart (detailed in Canik forum.com )...... Canik uses a thread locker on the nose of the recoil rod...use vice grip pliers, to push spring down so you don't over-heat it. on flat surface or bench vise , lock pliers to guide rod, heat cap and remove it, , . Use the Glock in battery test for slide lock-up test..... I've said I think a Glock 14# recoil spring would be perfect but none available that I know of. The Glock gen 3 13# recoil setup with gen 4 adaptor sleeve would not always return to full lock up for me..... I used a bench grinder to remove 3 or 4 coils (SEE glock battery reset test)
  6. I use a c-more on my 929... My eyesight requires a "dot". I actively shoot USPSA (all guns used have "dots") BUT not in revolver as I NEED the "dot". I'm NOT even close to being competitive with a revolver in "open" class with a revolver! Ha, shooting ICORE this Sunday in "OPEN" class..... At least ICORE is home for revolvers... I really think I would shoot revolver in USPSA IF all revolvers were in one class. WE would probably have to have a "school" for the non-revo shooter's emphasizing "DON'T STEP ON THE MOON CLIPS". Poor eyesight is a handicap for many of us, the "dot" lets me compete where I normally couldn't......Pretty soon there would be a lot more "dot" revo's....Maybe the class would survive????...
  7. The # of coils cut may very from gun to gun BUT you must do the "Glock"reset to battery test...tIE: the pistol MUST stay in battery after the spring cut while held vertically and the trigger is pulled UNLOADED of course I feel the best recoil spring rate is near 14#'s with a captured guide rod set up BUT I've never found that combo, so I made my own. The 13# Glock set up was close but was slightly less than 100%. My load radar crnos @ 130/132 PF
  8. Watch Canik... They are aware but nothing happens overnight..
  9. Why ?...Mine works fine with 3/4 coils cut from the "stock" guide rod...If it's "felt recoil"?, .. go to a heavier bullet...i would'nt think that little weight reduction would be helpful???...but who knows?....
  10. Canik SFX....I've tried a few additions simply becuse I'm a "tinkerer" and tried to make something good even better?. . (Sprinco "white" recoil reducer, stripped & polished internals, Freedom Arms trigger, TF mag extentions, 6.5 Glock striker spring, 13# Glock recoil spring assembly, (which didn't always return to battery ) . The Canik SFX with the Vortex Venom 6 moa dot even in "stock" form is hard to beat!. (I like the Freedom trigger simply for the fact that it moves the take up and release forward rather than in it's stock configuration, (which isn't hard to get used to)... The Canik's are very well made and also very accurate right out of the box. After my attempt's to improve the SFX?????, I'm back to just a few modifications:. Added skateboard tape to the frame, ditched the Springco recoil assembly, (used the "stock" recoil assembly with 3/4 coils removed), kept the Freedom trigger and 6.5 Glock striker spring , use the TF mag extentions (22 rounds). I shoot only my reloaded ammo, 145 Acme RN x 3.2 x N 320 =130 PF. (I shoot the same load in my Taccom 5' barreled PPC carbine ... ala, 2 for one load). A fellow shooter has broken 2 striker pins (Century replaced free). He does an extreme amount of "dry firing",. That's the only functional complaint I've heard about with the Canik's...After hundreds of rounds fired, my Vortex hold down screws loosened and I had to retighten them slightly...
  11. Geezz, try a Canik.SFX %" /SF 4" pistol... Best "BANG" for the buck out there!!!!! VERY, very accurate
  12. Just saw the vidieo on the new all steel Q5 Walther... Has a mag well, maybe removible?........ CANIK are you listening??????....
  13. I received the new version along with the pre-paid return mailer. Doubt you will find better customer service. Hard to find a vendor who admits to a problem AND then does something about it!!!!!. Mike
  14. Don't want to get into politics here..... But..... it seems that our friends at BATFE now say a pistol brace isn't a buttstock so a brace can be shouldered/cheeked on a AR pistol , Barrel length is/can be less than 16"...since it's not a rifle but a pistol ....I'd guess the rule maker's at USPSA are in a huddle???... Maybe yet another class?.... Pistol brace open/ pistol brace limited or maybe carry optics brace , open/limited... What say you????....1st. person that comes up with a AR pistol holster wins.. I never really understood the $200 SBR fee thing anyhow, same as a machine gun ... A 6' tall person could dang near hide a 5' ladder under a trench coat if they really tried....
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