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  1. So Blade-Tech is one of the few that even list the Witness as a gun they make holsters for. But they only list the Witness Elite Match, and I have a late model (2021) Witness Full Size Steel in 10mm. Does anyone know for sure if this will work with my pistol? Thanks! Dave
  2. Thanks, all, helpful info. Memphis, you're just jealous that I HAVE a purse, although my wife seems to think it's hers, and I just get to carry it . I'll experiment with the heavier springs again, hell, they're in my range bag for just that reason. If that still does't do it, I'll look at modifying the ejector. At the moment, it seems to eject brass all over the place, but the shooting line is covered, and at least some of the brass is hitting the ceiling and bouncing. Gary, I already have that guide rod installed, and I also have one of those buffers but haven't tried it, a buffer in a 1911 I used to have kind of left a bad taste. But I'll give it a try on my next outing, it's not like I can't undo it. More later, thanks again guys. Dave
  3. So I was velocity testing some reloads in my fairly new to me Witness Steel Full Size 10mm. Of 30 rounds fired, I was able to recover all but one case, but it took some serious searching, and the brass was scattered from my 12:00 to my 6:00, and some was 30+ feet from my shooting position ! Granted, I was working on a "full power" load (180 gr. @ 1250 FPS), but I get the same thing even with ~1100 FPS range ammo. I know a heavier recoil spring is supposed to help, but I have trouble racking the slide with a 16 lb. spring, I don't know how you guys manage with a 22. I've also heard about modifying the ejector, shortening it, but I couldn't find any details beyond that. And help would be much appreciated, thanks. Dave
  4. Here's the link, but it looks like they're now showing as out of stock, sorry: https://store.eaacorp.com/shop/product/101945-10mm-14rd-full-size-large-frame-witness-magazine-121?attrib=1-1&attrib=2-16&attrib=&attrib=&attrib=&attrib=&attrib=&attrib=#attr=21283,21284,21291,21292,21285,27783 Maybe they'll get more in quicker than the other retail sites. Later. Dave
  5. Not a competition shooter, but just got a new to me Witness 10 mm, and this site is one of the very few that has info on the Tanfoglio pistols. Poked around a little, and already found lots of good info. Later. Dave
  6. Don't know if you're still looking, but I just got 4 from EAA, $25 ea. Good luck! Dave
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