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  1. Ill check the book out. I am worried about dry fire because of possible poor grip or something else, but I definitely need practice. I have Brian Enos shooting fundamentals, but apparently it did not help me as much as I thought. I should prob reread it too... My Area (Connecticut) has very few shooters, and the 2 clubs in the area are both less than a year old as far as I know.
  2. Well I shot the match with the classifiers, and another match since then. The classifier match I had some minor improvement (read as HF of 2 vs 0). The classifiers were 99-11 and 99-22 so no movement, which could be another major factor. Then the match this week it all went downhill again and back to three 0 stages. It was pointed out to me that I may not be seeing the target and the dot, although thats not how it feels to me. Of course I have only these 4 matches ever shooting an optic so I dont really know. I dont have the money for a training class, but I can see what you all mean now. I thought of the training classes as teaching a proficient shot how to go and shoot faster, not how to shoot in the first place. I have watched the Vogel videos on grip and am trying to mimic it, but if i look at the dot on a target it is all shaky, and thats not even moving or after recoil. It is definitely totally different than I expected going in (read as I watched too many JJ and Max videos and went "I got this") I apologize if I was dismissive to anyone that gave inputs, I definitely let my ego from my current shooting status get in the way of a new discipline.
  3. Take your rude self to someone elses post to troll. If you cant have a conversation, don't start talking.
  4. I really dont get the push for paying for training. Understanding and implementing shooting fundamentals are 2 very different things. I didnt say I was worried about classification, I was more wondering why even bother shooting them. Much of shooting is mental, and while I understand that, it is not so easy for me to overcome. I have shot multiple other disciplines and am decent at all of them without paying someone to train me. would it help me, of course, but so early into this type of shooting it would be a waste because 90% of it would not be understood or retained due to lack of situational experience. If I am not even comfortable with the gun yet, why would i go through the pain of a class where I am expected to be able to hit all A's under 0 pressure. Its all just conversation and conjecture. I am not by any means saying I need to get a certain classification, I just don't see wasting the ammo for something so trivial.
  5. So, I have a match today again. It is 2 scored stages, then 2 qualifiers. As early as I am in my journey, what is the reason for wanting to qualify? I am guaranteed to be a D class shooter. Even if i went as fast as i can go, with all A's I would still be low scoring. I also don't understand the % for the classification. If someone gets 100% wouldn't they bump up the fast time thus lowering everyone else hit factor? I know that doesn't pertain to me, but I would like to understand how this really works.
  6. well i shot my first scored match on tuesday.... and I scored 0 points. we shot 3 stages stage 1 was 8 paper. i got 50 points and had 3 mike and 2 no shoot, so 0 points/time = 0 ok, never done this before. trying to go too fast. stage 2 was 6 paper 3 steel. i got 46 points and had 4 mike and 1 no shoot, so -4 points/time = 0 again. wow this is a lot harder than it looks. stage 3 was 13 paper 3 steel. i got 90 points... and 90 penalty points......... 0 again... i really suck at shooting pistol... i need a totally different approach here. i guess starting CO with a P80 and swampfox isnt the best idea, but i dont have the money to spend on a new gun, optic, mags, holster and everything. its just what i had that could work. i also know that the gun isnt to blame for my poor accuracy. maybe the optic is, but more 99% me. I just dont even know where to start over at to train myself to hit better. i know the idea would be to slow down, but I feel like movement is more important to understand and keep up than to slow down to hit, then try to figure out how to speed back up and still hit... maybe im wrong.
  7. I just call it a 17L for ease because that’s what it’s modeled after I guess.
  8. Nothing, it’s aftermarket. Not a glock brand slide.
  9. Well I should be ok because I miss spoke earlier. It’s a Polymer80 which is on the list, making that null, but confusing.
  10. Well that is seriously depressing that my 17L which is basically a 34 isn’t legal. I can barely afford the ammo prices after buying all the magazines and gear I definitely can’t afford a new slide and barrel with rmr cut….
  11. By hitbox, I meant the "A" zone of the target. The dot was on the glass easily enough, but it was moving around like playing with a laser pointer with a cat. just all over the glass, not lined up with the target. I am very new to all of this and I can guarantee my grip is terrible, its just hard to start shooting live fire and know how to correct for each mistake I am making at once. I had a terrible time with the steel, taking like 5 shots or more to hit the first one, then the next 2 I could get on the first shot. Even slowing down for that, the dot was on the target, but I must be jerking the trigger. it also felt easier with a full mag, so I probably need a grip weight to help with the recoil when the mag is empty. I understand working on grip and draw from holster, but I don't get how to train for trigger control dry firing because you don't have the action of the gun moving.
  12. So I shot USPSA for the first time yesterday. Luckily a club started up recently locally and the gentlemen running it does training nights as well as shoots so it was just a training night. I have a Glock 17L with a swampfox optic on it for Carry Optics. I have previously only shot about 50 rounds through this gun and this is my fist ever optic. He does an incredible job giving pointers and taking us through the course of fire and stopping to show what we should have done when. I can say that I had a lot of trouble with trying to keep the optic in the hit box while taking the shot and trying to be constantly on the move. It is a totally new experience to me and I am looking forward to doing more. I am trying to watch youtube and glean any information to help myself in this new interest. Definitely need a lot more time behind the gun.
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