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  1. TSC, I would just like to reiterate cpty1's 1st suggestion. I try to stay a full arms length from the cover barrier. Most of the time my muzzle is at the front plane of the barrier or even slightly behind it, in the case of a wall or such. The pistol becomes the fulcrum point and my intuition tells me that is better. For me this kind of positioning does not restrict my movements be it weapon manipulation or moving my lard butt to the next position. YMMV
  2. What are the recommended brands of replacement stocks for a Remington 700 rifle? I assume that McMillan in near or at the top but what about others. Is Butler Creek worth looking at, or how about the Remington factory syn-stock. Thanks for the opinions! (Edited by GMyers at 5:56 pm on Feb. 7, 2003)
  3. tpeck, I have used Montana Gold in the past and found that I had to use more powder for the same PF when compared to a standard copper jacketed bullet. I was told the M.G. jacket metal is harder than copper. That is all I know.
  4. I too own a 30 and it shoots great. I really prefer the grip diminsions of the 30 over the small caliber frames. There is lots of surface for the heel of my weak hand. Also the extra width of the 30 spreads recoil across more of the strong hand and makes the perceived recoil quite soft. I don't believe you can go wrong with 30 if .45 ACP is the caliber you are wanting to shoot.
  5. Next time.... First Place Sharpshooter, never looking back!
  6. I know it's the first looser but I pulled off a strong 2nd place in CDP-Marksman! I really wanted to get advanced by this match but oh well, it was my first sanctioned match.
  7. How many times can .45 brass be reloaded before is should be tossed (230gr bullet at no more that 170PF). Some of ours is bulging a little near the case head and won't quite case gage but otherwise chambers, looks and shoots fine. Would this be a sign of time to go or shoot 'til it splits. Since some of this brass has already been reloaded X number of times would it be OK to start now with a full length resizer or might this fatigue the metal even more quickly. Thanks for the info!
  8. For practice and IDPA matches I shoot a 230gr Rainier plated round nose over 4.5gr of Titegroup. Easily meets the 165 PF, burns clean and recoil is low. I am guessing the IPSC guys would call it sluggish. With a 12lbs recoil spring the Wilson Shock-Buf gets a pretty outline of the slide hood but is not getting battered. I also get a little blow-by on the case but I think this is due in large part due to "very liberal chambering" by Kimber (it is reliable though!). Thats all I have to offer.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation! I get to shoot the Ok State IDPA Match this June so I want to get as much "hands-on" as possible. Thanks again.
  10. I know that on my Kimber 5" I should not allow the slide to run forward on an empty chamber. I just want to verify that it is ok to do so if I have a single dumby round in the freshly inserted magazine (I leave the primer pocket empty for absolute verification). If this in ANY way could cause a problem please let me know and I will just have to simulate releasing the slide. Thanks!
  11. JD, During this past weekend's polishing expedition of my Glock 30 I noticed my firing pin safety plunger has these same peen marks (a factory plunger but I do not know what the material is). They were not deep, simply noticable. I went ahead and polished all of the bearing surfaces, put it back together and it shot like a dream. No problems.
  12. Thanks Byron, I am waiting on my 230's to show up, probably next week sometime. I have a 12lb conventional Wolff spring that I can hardly wait to try.
  13. Byron, What bullet weight and powder load are you shooting?
  14. Thanks John, A buddy of mine just received the full size "last a year in the outhouse" Brownell's catalog. I will give it a look see.
  15. Does anyone know of someone that makes a narrow from sight specifically with the Kimber dovetail, or is it time to get the file out?
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