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  1. I ordered a case on 3/19 and just received my case today (4/6).
  2. Well I was wrong about it feeding. Now is just stops after 15-30 rather than 6. Highly disappointed. Is anyone running a Pro model with 124g zero FMJ bullets?
  3. Quick update. DAA never got back with me so I decided to fix it myself. I polished it up with a Dremel and now it seems to be feeding OK.
  4. Thanks. I forgot to say I also bought a 2nd 9mm Pro dropper assembly and it has the same problem. I thought I might have gotten a bad one, but now both droppers have the same issue.
  5. I did a search, but I have not found anyone with this issue. I have a Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro that came with the Mark 7 Revolution I bought to load 9mm. I had a regular Mr. Bullet feeder on my dillon 650 that works fine, but I'm having major issues with the pro version. The issue i'm having is that it will only feed 6 bullets and then stop. The bullets above the dropper won't drop down. I'm loading Zero 124g FMJ so the bullets are staggered in the drop tube. Now the funny thing is this is only with the Pro version of the dropper. If I use the Aluminum drop assembly from the standard Mr. Bullet feeder it all works fine. I was thinking of polishing the top portion of the dropper as I can see some tool marks and thought the bullets might be hanging on there. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Very neat concept. Site says it's now available for the 550. I placed an order for one.
  7. I've been lurking here for quite some time. I've gotten really good tips and this is my firt post. You are thinking just like I was. I just ordered another strong mount. I plan to mount my RCBS Rock Chucker to it for use on rifle. I plan on using a 1/2 plate of 6061 Aluminum to mount the press on and then mount the Aluminum plate. Then I'll mount the plate to the strong mount. That way if I ever need to swap it out all I need to do is unbolt the plate and change it out.
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