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  1. As a 20+ year vet of the USAF, I was fully involved when the M-9 came on line and replaced the M-15 revolver for standard sidearm qualification. I saw several similar malfunctions. The best was a young Capt. I was shooting with one day. He was a catty-corner shooter - Right Handed, but Left Eye dominant. His stance was kinda' crooked with his head cocked down and to the right. It seemed to work for him....good thing too. When the slide of the M-9 decided to depart the from the rest of the weapon, it missed his eye socket by just the amount of space he tilted his head down to line up his left eye. Never liked that weapon, and never will like that weapon, despite the fact that I've spent some quality family time over the years wearing one.
  2. Thanks for the input. It's been a while since I last reloaded, and I couldn't remember if I used to clean the primer pockets or not. I just got done tumbling 500 rds. with the primers left in and then decaped them in the sizing die. The pockets are pretty dirty, so I think I will run an RCBS primer pocket cleaner through them before belling the mouths. BTW, I don't reload on a progressive. I do what I refer to as "single stage progressvie" reloading. I have 4 single stage Lee O-frame presses mounted to my bench in a row. Each has one die installed and adjusted. I move through each station 100 rounds at a time. Running a cleaning brush through the primer pockets after pulling them from the sizing die doesn't really cost me that much time.
  3. I'm new to the Forum, and am just getting back into IPSC / IDPA shooting after a 5 year layoff. I have my reloading bench set up and I'm ready to start brewing my own. My question is do you guys decap the primers out of your brass before you throw it in the tumbler, or do you tumble with the primer in place and then clean the primer pocket after running it through the sizing / decapping die?
  4. I've shot with both over the years, and actually prefer fixed sights because they seem to be sleeker and less complicated to me. Every IDPA gun I've used had fixed sights, and I don't seem to suffer because of it. I have a new STI Edge on order for IPSC Limited use, and it will have adjustible sights. I'll play with them for a while and decide if I'll keep them or not.
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