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  1. Thanks to all, I will have to call and get a new primer slide plate, since the teflon has worn off on the back half. The press has about 30,000 rounds of 9mm through it and until now no problems, so I really can't complain.... I will post back when I get it fixed. Scott
  2. Help, I keep getting primers that go in sideways. I have taken it all apart cleaned and reinstalled, now what? I do notice that the little metal thing under the primer bar is wearing weird towards the front of press and that the primer bar doesn't sit 100% flat. See attached picture. Thanks, Scott edited to add picture
  3. Save your money and don't buy the Lee I tried for hours to get the thing to work with no success and finally returned it. I am currently saving up for the KISS feeder. Scott
  4. Help, an old 1911 that I got from my G'pa when he died is flat siding cases. It doesn't have a lowered ejection port or an extended ejector. Where should I start to fix this? Could it be an extractor problem? I have only noticed it when firing factory rounds, it doesn't seem to do it with reloads. Thanks, Scott
  5. Thanks to all the HK is a fullsize USP with 23,000 rounds through it. I just replaced the spring. I will keep trying to break it in :-) damn hk's 23,000 and counting and not even done breaking it in. My 1911 using the same load shoots them faster at 1120fps and ejects them farther away. But of course the 1911 isn't stock haha Scott
  6. Unfortunately the problem gun is an HK so changing springs out is not an option I guess I could cut it down a bit. Thanks, Scott
  7. I am loading 124gr Zero FMJ's with 4.4 of 700x to a length of 1.152" with a crimp of .3785" they are coming out at about 1035avg FPS but are barely ejecting out of the gun, they land about 1.5 feet away from my right foot. What can I do to increase the slide speed without effecting the accuracy? Should I load them shorter or crimp more or just add a tenth of powder? Thanks, Scott
  8. I am looking at ordering 15000 or so, 9mm 124 grain somethings either FMJ or JHP and it seems like everyone is out of Zero's. Does anyone know of a good place to try? How about any other brands to try? I am more concerned about accuracy. Thanks, Scott
  9. I am looking to get a lee bullet feeder to modify for a 550B and am wondering where you all would recommend to buy one from. Thanks, Scott
  10. Revchuck, I am going to switch to Zero JHP's but I still have about 11,000 zero FMJ's left so i need to shoot more so i can get new bullets, yeah thats it i'll tell the girlfriend that these bullets aren't as good and I need to shoot more to get rid of them. And what do you think "somewhat better" is? just curious Bseevers, It was outdoors and It was anchored to two of the upright 6x6's that hold up the cover to the range with a 6x6 inbetween them with two 2x6's bolted to them with a 2x12x14" lag bolted with 5 lag bolts on top of that then the ransom rest is bolted to that. I am sure there is no movement in that. I will take some pictures of it on monday and post if you would like. Thanks again, Scott
  11. I have a springfield PI9134L 1911 in 9mm. It has had a slide to frame fit and kart match barrel and bushing done to it. I am wondering what is the most I can expect accuracy wise (size of groups) out of this gun? I am wondering how good the gun should shoot. I have shot it on a ransom rest and get 15 round groups that are center to center 1.4" X 1" at 50 feet Is this all I can get out of it or not? If this is in the wrong forum please let me know. Thanks to all, Scott
  12. Thanks to all that replied, but I got a load of 700x, 4.3gr at 1.150" that shoot at 1125 avg fps, that shoots 15 rounds into a 1" hole at 50 feet off of a ransom rest and that is good enough for me at the present time. Thanks again, Scott Petrola
  13. Look here we have been discussing titegroup powder. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40688 Scott
  14. I need a good load or place to start using a 124 and winchester 231. Thanks Scott
  15. First off thanks to everyone. Second does anyone have a 231 load that they like with a 124 fmj? Scott
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