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  1. Is there a fully rifled barrel AR type shotgun out there? Or maybe a upper or barrel? Or someone who would make one? Thanks, Walt
  2. https://ontelaunee.org/ Club Information, Master Schedule to look for events https://hellertownsportsmen.com/ HSA on Practiscore
  3. I have two M3020s one for me one for my son. They need all the work the M3000s do. Smooth the mag tube and clean up the extractor groove. Mine is an early blued model and I have put over 1k through it. It still has a hiccup every now and then when dirty. I got my son one last fall and it is much better but we don't have that many rounds through it. For the price it isn't bad if you like to tinker. But if you don't look at the Franchi Affinity 20ga. Walt
  4. Have you looked at a Winchester Model 88? Check one out. Walt
  5. Call Stoeger first they may just send it. or I believe the M3500 is the same button. www.gunpartscorp.com go to the Stoeger M3500, page 4 #43 Good Luck, Walt
  6. Seiichi, It takes the Beretta/Benelli Mobil choke tubes. Walt
  7. It figures I wouldn't come up with a original thought. So the slight bend is to center the shell on the lifter?
  8. I picked up a M3000 Saturday. I had already ordered a tube from Carbon Arm and double headed safety, charging handle and bolt release from MOA. I’ve watched Jesse’s video on enlarging the port 10 times and I’m looking forward to sending the wife and kids away and spending some quality time with it. One of the things that lead me to the M3000 was that I already had a M3500 for hunting. Looking at the trigger groups side by side they are identical with the exception of the lifter length. Numrich has M3500 lifters for $15.55 plus $6.50 shipping so $22.05. I think I can just cut the thumb peeler o
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