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  1. I have a Sig Cross folder. It is a real pain in the@#$ to make it fold. You push down on the pin and then monkey around trying to get the rear in the exact position to fold. Once in awhile I pull the hand grip down and the rear up at precisely the right microsecond and it folds easily. The only advantage is hearing the sweet sound of the unsnap on those rare occasions when it does work.
  2. I have a Dillion RL550B. Great for 9s and 45s. I also have an old Lee turret from my original reloading days. For accuracy I have been using the Lee as a single stage with Redding 6.5 Creedmoors. I do notice a slight minuscule bit of slop with the turret tho. I was looking for some unbiased opinions on whether a single stage might be more accurate. Also I do not wear glasses, but this idiotic I’m not a robot B.S. is enough to discourage anyone from posting. In fact I have given up in the past because of it.,
  3. As primers are almost impossible to obtain, unless you want to be gouged, scam sites are popping up all over the place. Two sites, I think, to be aware of are bulkammostore.com (Mass) barrelammodepot (Texas) Both have exactly the same web sites only the different names. There may be many others out there using the same exact web sites. They both offer prices that are so low as to be impossible. I believe another tip is incorrect spellings and no credit card payment to eliminate disputes. My bottom line as to internet sales is only buy from an outfit you absolutely trust.
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