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  1. My $0.20 ( inflation ) After the first 6 rounds in SS a mandatory reload, after the reload No restrictions on magazine capacity or size. KenK
  2. Take a look on Facebook for "Ottocomp". He is in St. louis Mo. Has been building 45's for over 35yr.s I have one of his that I have been shooting for 20+ yr.s. KenK
  3. Delete the Book Mark you are using, Clear the Cash, quit Safari, Reboot the iPhone. Then open Safari and go (type in the link) to the https://forums.brianenos.com/login hope this helps. KenK
  4. When these people show up, its time to leave, even in the middle of a Match. Your safety is more important. Let the club and the USPSA know that you will NOT attend any more matches with this person in attendance. Yes I know there are a limited number of clubs and ranges but Money talks and regular shooters who support a club and matches are hard to find. KenK
  5. Thanks didn’t think about a sight adapter, will look into that.
  6. Has anyone modified this pistol for a Red Dot sight? Springfield has a NEW OSP optic ready 9mm but I would like to stay with the 45 APC. I don't want to go to another caliber pistol and reloading equipment, just too much $$$ for now. Sent Springfield an email asking about a new slide or factory modification but have not heard back from them. Thanks KenK
  7. Any number of the Go-Pro type of cameras (see youtube for comparisons) and Amazon for prices. Accessories for mounting them are inexpensive, again see Amazon. Suggest you look at the highest frame rates and video in your price range. Most of these cameras will do multiple jobs, Computer cameras, dash board, water sports, etc. KenK
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