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  1. Usually it happens with hotter ammunition like slugs. I seem to have less (but still happens from time to time) trouble running skeet/trap birdshots. More frequent when using slugs like some competitions here require. To my eye it looks like on the video that the bolt has quite a bit of excess velocity when it cycles, but that next round pops out from the magazine before bolt even starts to close. 12/70 rounds actually have enough room to pop out from the magazine even when the bolt is closed if they are bumped forward enough so that could be another reason.
  2. Noticed many people here have experience with MKA 1919 type semiauto shotguns. Mine is Axor MF3, as far as i can tell it uses same mags and is pretty much a cheap turkish clone of the 1919. Most of the time it works fine, but this one type of jam has plagued the gun since new and it happens with all magazines, i usually get something between 50 to 200 rounds between jams and thats kind of bad for competition. Heres the slowmo of my friend shooting the gun before i got it showing whats happening: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uKmD7n8aK8UT4YTfMMWNBvUr7_GkDNUE/view?usp=sharing As far as i can tell its recoil of the gun stripping the next round from magazine too early causing it to fly around the upper receiver slightly before the bolt would strip it. I tried bending the mag lips inwards to make it less likely for a round to strip by itself due to recoil, it reduced this jam (earlier it did this almost every 10 rounds) but didnt completely fix it. Any ideas? Its not only costing time in competition, but im worried about that ejector hitting a primer on that jammed shell with bad luck.
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