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  1. Just sharing experiences with you all. I have now tracked down 2 of the mitchell custom mag catches. First was the one I sent to mitchells to have the button replaced because it looked like the image below. It took 5.5 months to drive out 2 roll pins and replace. Charged 50. Steep if you ask me. BUT was also able to track down a second one (pictured below). I don't think I will go through the same process. I know Jimmy was probably getting really tired of me calling for updates. (primarily just because I've had bad experiences before with my stuff not being returned.) I was one of the unlucky few that had their Hudson H9 forfeited because I sent mine if for a striker replacement. While they had it they declared bankruptcy and claimed to have destroyed all of them. Daniel Defense bought all the tooling, and leftover parts I believe. I guess what I'm saying is that this'll sit in my bag. Don't know if I'll need it. The buttons are robust so I don't think my first one will break. These are rare items, not made anymore. A couple of companies (one in Austria and the other in Australia) make similar parts but they do not ship to US because of the category the part falls into; you'd need an import broker unless you knew of someone over there that you'd trust enough to send it as a misc item. I've talked to a couple guys that did just that; listed it as a 'metal sample' or 'fidget device'.
  2. I feel as if I have a substantial firing hand grip as far as height to bore, being seated in the webbing of my hand, etc. I just feel that I'm very critical of myself regarding support hand. I have not recorded myself shooting which might be the best medicine, BUT, I'm looking for tips or recommendations on how I know if I'd be on the right track regarding support-hand grip. Mostly, my concern is that my support hand is allowing too much muzzle flip and that I may not be utilizing all the parts of the gun or frame to mitigate recoil. Right now I have a thumbs forward approach. Driving my thumb down into the safety does not feel right (but maybe I should just deal with it). Any broad wisdom to offer me?
  3. I have large enough hands that hitting this release is not jeopardizing my grip. Additionally, as a lefty shooter, using my pointer to release a factory catch is uncomfortable and proves to compromise quality of grip. It’s a solution to more than one thing for me. update: spoke to this company and they are not able to import to the US due to the category of firearm part this classified as.
  4. Anyone have a lead on a mitchel custom button? willing to pay 200 assuming it still is working and not broken
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to share that I may have discovered an alternative for those looking for a right side mag release for Staccato frames and comparable others. I have not vetted the site or had any experience but was planning on ordering 1 or 2 after I look a bit more. Has anyone had experience with this site? https://www.tectal.at/en/1911-2011/28/magazine-catch-for-left-handed-shooters-2011-sti-grip-frame
  6. Called Jimmy and he's an incredibly nice guy. Prior to getting this part I had called him a few times to see when he would pick production back up. Long story short, he invited me to send mine in and he would disassemble himself and replace the button face with some spare parts he's had made for when he was selling them. Thank you, Steve!
  7. Just purchased a Mitchell Custom RH mag catch/release. Previous owner took the liberty to have filed the release button down to their personal preference,(about half the circle). I can't blame them as that was their preference. My question is, has anyone here disassembled theirs or replaced parts in it such as the button or spring? This one still works but I have been brainstorming of what I can do. I will be looking for another but my options with just the one seem to be to try and disassemble it and maybe building the button face back up with some tig welding and then to checker it how I'd want it. This is just such an obscure niche question. On one hand I don't want to mess up the release I have but I also would like to return the release button to as close to factory as possible.
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