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  1. Just started hand sorting about 7000 .223 Cases of range brass. There are 6 diffrent headstamps. I had to think about this immediately and realy hope that we will hear from fingerblaster again. Or one of the guys that got the Files to help developing this might share some info? This thing realy needs to come to life Best regards from Switzerland!
  2. @FingerBlaster Please don't let this thread die! Everyone is counting on you to let us know how to help you finish this awesome project! like @quiller I hope that all is well and you are not in personal trouble. We would realy like to see this project to be successfull! Hope to here from you soon and best regards from Switzerland!
  3. @FingerBlaster I Have Printers and someone who can help a bit with code and stuff, So I think I might be able to put this thing together and get it working. From there of yourse I can take images and send you everything you need. But be aware that we might use other brands of ammo here in Switzerland. If you let me know what to get hardware wise, I get paid on Tuesday so timing is near perfect
  4. Why not design the doors so that they will close automatically, with a weight on one end. So if no power is aplied, the will just close themselves and the motor just needs power to open them? Something like this, but the other way around If this is no option, make the doors so that they can be swung open more than 100%? It wouldnt hurt if they have a gap on one side while they are open would it?
  5. Hey again, Not been here a few days and everything seems to go along super fast!!! You are THE MAN! To answer your question: I plan to use this mainly for 9mm and 223. Maybe later for 7.62x39 and 308. To find any casings that are not brass, I can imagine that a inductive sensor could find them? Like the one I suggested to check if a case is in place for the next picture a few posts ago. However I can not find proof for this idea, I hope I am just too dumb to use google:) I still have not much to contibute, but I have a question. Right now you are teaching the machine some case brands. If I was to build the same machine that you have right now, couldn't I start taking pictures and send them to you so you have a much bigger dataset? Or is it even possible to teach my machine some case brands, and then just let my machine tell your machine "what to look for"? I might be dreaming, but it would be super nice to have a place to share all the data that all the machines are collecting. So each machine will be able to recognize all the brands that everyone was sorting just by downloading the most recent dataset. (But I think this would be something to set up for a later stage) By the way, If this project goes as planed, you might make the guys that sell the Sortinator sad. everyone will be able to just build their own sortinator, even a cooler version, for much less. I can even imagine that some commercial reloaders choose this instead of spending the money on a expensive machine just to have brass sortet by headstamp. Best regards and keep up the good work!
  6. Wow I am Amazed of the progress. If you let me know how I need to take pictures I could manually take pictures of 223 Brass. I just hand-sortet 4 buckets of Frontier, S&B, GGG and small amount of other brands. To counter on double feeds, cant you just adjust the pressure on the cases by lengthening or shortening you adapter hose? This way you can play with the angle and amount of brass that can be stacked, and therfore the brass will always feed at the same speed. What you call a mess and haphazzardly put together machine is more than I could ever come up with. I have a Mark7 autodrive coming for my 1050super and hope I can get that to work without too many issues. If you want to add sensors later, why not use inductive sensors? You might even be able to separate the steel and nickel plated cases fron brass if i understand correctly?
  7. I have no input on how to solve any of the software issues you might run into,but I'd like to help as much as I can. I wouldn't worry about speed too much, the machine can run autonomous while you do other stuff in the mean time, still a lot of hours saved. Maybe you can monkey patch the buffer issue by only requesting a picture every 0.6 seconds? Wouldnt that give the case enough time to get in position and stop moving/bouncing around? Also, what will the machine do if it takes a blurry picture or there is no case in position or cas is upside down? Will it wait for a case to arrive or just open the channel so whatever is in there will fall down to a "Human inspection container"? For taking the images I would also avoid to have anything that can get dirty between the camera and the case. I think feeding them as you plan right now is by far the easiest way of doing it. Maybe have the mechanism at a sligt angle to have the camera at 90 degrees to the case and any debris would fall down, not onto your camera. Then have the machine perform the following steps. 1. Feed case to picture station. 2.Take picture 3.Flappy door opens to redirect case to waiting station 4.Release case from Picture station, so it falls down and away from camera to "parking station" 5.Machine does magic work and figures out the brand of the case 6.Open and close flappy doors in the sorting tunnel to direct case in the correct exit 7.Release case from parking station wich lets it fall into the correct container. If there is enough processing power, maybe you can have the machine start a new cycle from 1-3 while the first case is still waiting its turn to go down the sorting tunnel. BTW: I hope to be able to make the needed changes to use the sorter for .233 brass. I dont sort 9mm as the Dillon 1050 will load mixed 9mm to my satisfaction without issues for several hundred cases. But mixed .223 brass is harder to process and load so I will have Primer seating issuse every 10-50 rounds due to inconsistent swaging (My best guess)., just sortet a bucket to see if this solves my problems. Best regards from Switzerland
  8. FingerBlaster, Just registered to let you know this is one of the most awesome things I have eever seen someone do! Are you planing to throw a build plan for this sorter out, so everyone can build one? How can a standard bloke like me help you out? One thought I had for your problem of having to angle the chute to take the photos: Why not yust put one of your flappy doors right at the start uner the case and open it every time the camera took a picture to divert the case away from the cam and then close again to give view to the next case? Best Regards
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