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  1. I was looking at Marvel 1 Units and saw they are now produced by FCW. I do not currently have a 1911 frame, so I would need to invest quite a bit to put something together like this. I am definitely considering the option. Interesting to hear that the Scorpion didn't measure up. I have heard that they tend to be fairly reliable, although maybe too expensive for what you get. I saw your comment on another thread about the Model 41 as customized by Clark Customs being fairly good as well? Do you have any experience with Bully vs Clark barrels. I think I would w
  2. Howdy. Looking to get into RFPO competitions. Looking at Volquartsen Scorpion on high end, otherwise SW Victory tandemized or maybe even TX22. What are your thoughts on the future TX22 Competition potential? The shorter barrel makes me think it will always be less accurate than the longer barreled Victory, Ruger MKs, and Volquartsens. I have shot the most 22lr in my life compared to any other caliber, as that's what I guess most young shooters are exposed to as I was at Texas summer camp around 20+ years ago. So, I thought, why not try to get into RFPO and/o
  3. Howdy Y'all, Native 2nd gen Austinite, 3rd gen Texan, and fellow (aspiring) gunslinger looking to get into rimfire steel challenge! I am in the process of building a JP22 AR with Aero M4E1 lower. Triggertech Adaptable AR 2-Stage Trigger, and probably a Magpul SL-K stock. I have not purchased the stock nor trigger, so I am open to recommendations/advice. I am also looking to buy/build a RFPO gun, may a Volquartsen Scorpion or customized SW Victory, pobably with a c-more 8 or 12 moa railway with 90 degree mount. I don't have any of the pistol stuff yet, so also open to re
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