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  1. If this is in the wrong spot, then I apologize, please move it. Can I use the PracticeScore App for my practice sessions? If so, how. There are ZERO instructions that I can find on how to set the thing up and/or use it.
  2. AR_James: Thank you, that's what I was asking EarlKeese: Although I am math challenged, I do like statistics (At least the ones I understand). At this time, I'm just trying to beat my scores from the last time out. If I get caught up in trying to become this class or that, the fun goes away and it becomes another obsession.
  3. I'm sorry, I meant to put that in there... RFRO
  4. Okay, newbie and mathematically challenged. I am C class I know that we shoot each stage 5 times and the best 4 count. That I've got. But... After each stage the score keeper would tell me that I shot a C round or even once I shot a B round. I guess my real question is, what kind of time do I need to acquire to get to Class B? After that A and so on? I saw a post in here with mathematical equations of what each class takes, but that might as well have been written in Latin. In my 3rd ever steel challenge shoot I have the following scores... Maybe these can be used to give me an example? This was RFRO Time: 87.87 %: 100 SC-101 (Five to go: 15.36 SC-102 (Showdown): 14.36 SC-103 (Smoke and Hope): 14.11 (Not proud of this by the way) SC-106 (Pendulum): 15.36 SC-107 (Speed Option): 16.75 SC-108 (Roundabout): 11.93
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