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  1. I sent an email asking if they had the TEP-200 in stock and if I could switch. After a couple emails, a salesman called me and gave me a deal on the TEP and free 2 day shipping. As we were talking he said they had one EEP in stock(this was yesterday). I decided to switch to TEP. So if you email or call they might have it in stock.
  2. Haven’t received them yet. Ordered from Environmental Safety on 5/29, still hasn’t shipped.
  3. Was a good shoot today. Very nice club. I won a set of Vortex Binoculars. My son is in first for B class and second(behind a world record holder) for juniors. I’m in 10th and 13th. South Kent put on a nice shoot and will return.
  4. I know this doesn’t answer your question but in regards to ammo, I’m shooting a Magnum Research and it hates anything over 1200fps. It won’t shoot CCI Mini mags. I think the spring is too weak and it’s cycling to fast. Federal ammo is just dirty. I’ve had good luck with CCI AR ammo. CCI has had ammo for weeks now in the mornings. If I keep my mags clean, I might have one jam per match if at all(my Black Mamba jams more). My setup weights in at 3 1/4lbs. Briley barrel, Crazy Ivan chassis.
  5. Anyone shooting it this weekend? My son and I are shooting tomorrow afternoon. I’m really excited to see how my son shoots, he’s rated B but shot GM 2 weeks ago for a few of the stages. He’s a junior and was 3rd overall for the same match. It’s our first year and both of us have really enjoyed doing it. I checked South Kent’s FB page, Instagram page and website but didn’t find a lot of info on it besides the limited info on the Praticescore page.
  6. Picked up a pair of the EEP-100 along with skull screws and a lanyard. Got State Steel Challenge next weekend, hope to be able to use them for it.
  7. I’ll take a look at the Peltor TEP-100. I’m also looking at Etymotic Gunsport
  8. I thought I had them all the way up. I’ll play with them some more. I am shooting rimfire. Pistol and rifle.
  9. I was shooting a match yesterday and noticed on the further out Targets I was having issues hearing the report. I don’t wait for the report to transition targets and sometimes can’t see the hit. Is there a brand of hearing protection you guys recommend that has fast response time. I’m currently using Peltor 500 tactical. Maybe I’m just getting old.
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