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  1. Welcome!! If you ever get to Metro Detroit let me know. I have one of the coolest arcades/mechanical museums in the world (seriously, I have been on Modern Marvels, Disney, American Pickers, Mysteries at the Museum etc) and a couple of the other MI guys will agree LOL Where did you move from? Welcome to MI and to the forum. I lived in Midland (by Saginaw) for school a couple years eons ago.
  2. Yes, that is me! My father was the Marvelous one! We're still here and trying to always find unique things to add to the collection while also keeping the latest pinball, video and ticket prize games! COVID almost took us out and while its not back to what it was the bleeding isn't as bad.... In addition to the games and assorted memorabilia you see in Marvelous Marvins I collect guns, ammo and high end watches LOL
  3. Just thought I would share this here! Hope its the right place! I was always fascinated with the ASP pistol by Paris Theodore when I first saw it in the late 80's the grips and the sights were just so cool!I ended up modifying the grips and a few mags on my CCW back then which was an Italian Beretta 92F (I still have it)About 10 years ago I saw the Tiki and it reminded me of the ASP sight concept so I was trying to find a used Tiki but I had no luckWell I had a business deal which went really well and I decided to spoil myself and contacted SVI about getting a Ti Tiki.By the time I got it all figured out and ordered my son was born and I had a custom serial # (initial and bday)As I am a watch guy I have always loved the Patek saying "You never own a Patek, you are simply holding it for the next generation" So I bought a new ceramic green Rolex Submariner with the warranty card dated his Bday and in his name (it sits in my safe waiting for him someday in its shipping coffin), I ordered him a custom 22 NULA from Melvin Forbes (I have 2 of his rifles myself) and got him a custom serial # (initials and bday again) LOL hopefully he turns our decent if not I will sell it all in his mid 20's and buy myself something nuts.ANYWAY back on topicJust wanted to share the pics I have of it from when SVI finished and was shipping it to me.Its an AMAZING gun, their machine work is unreal! The Tiki is NOT a bullseye gun, the sights are meant for quick self defense and do the job very well. It is not a gun for everyone but by nature and upbringing I crave unique things and it is something I have carried, would not think twice about carrying and am glad to have as part of my collection.
  4. Here are my two girls from C.T. Brian! This man is a true master, an artist! The CHOPPER is based on a CCO - The Commanding Officer, an officer's size frame topped with a commander length slide. A perfect combination for concealed carry. The frame is made of aluminum and the slide is carbon steel. This results in a very light weight package that offers excellent concealability coupled with a quick and accurate sight picture. The 4 1/4" barrel allow bullet velocity that will assure reliable expansion when using quality hollow point ammunition. The SideWinder may be small, but big things come in tiny packages.
  5. Brian Bilby was a well known pistol smith with a true love for the 10 mm from Michigan that passed on far too early. I never got to meet Brian myself, in the early 2000's I started taking a lot of pistol and carbine classes. Well the first class I was just overwhelmed and could not hit the side of the barn with my handgun (first Glock and more or less first time shooting Glocks) anyway a total stranger came over and offered to let me shoot his spare 1911 and I said Noooo I dont like those carrying cocked just seems nuts to me (I was young) and the guy smiled and laughed and explained to me how safe they really were but I still said no. A couple drills later the frustration got to me I humbly ate crow and asked him to shoot it well lets just say I fell in love. Anyway I got to know him and a few other guys several who were personal friends with Brian. I was just getting into custom 1911's and was head over heels drunk in love with em! A friend called and had to sell his beloved Delta which Brian did up for him. Despite not being a 10 mm or Delta guy it was a custom by Brian Bilby who I had heard so much about and he built it for a close friend and I had to do it! A couple years later a friend stepped back from shooting so much, changed his carry gun from a 1911 and decided to give me a call and I purchased his .45 Pocket Rocket (I believe the only one in .45 he built). Take a class with a couple of the guys and an instructor wed all befriended and trained with offered me his Bilby which he carried as his duty gun for years, taught countless classes with etc. Anyway here are my three Bilby guns. I carried the Pocket Rocket for a year or so but I can't remember the last time I shot the others. I still cherish them for the friendships I have attached to them and knowing these guys were Brian's close friends and he built them for them means a lot to me.
  6. Hi Everyone! Thanks for letting me join, while I am not new to guns or the forums in general I am new here. I stumbled across the forum as I own a couple Brian Bilby guns in my collection and found a post from a member here with Bilby guns as well. If you are from Metro Detroit you may know me or if not perhaps my business Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Anyway just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!!! J Wouldn't the world be better off if we took nonsense more seriously? Be MARVELOUS & have a MARVELOUS day!! Jeremy Ringmaster, Grand Poobah & Self-Designated Adult In-Charge Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
  7. Jason works with Ted Yost and truly is a heck of a nice guy!!! I have spoken with him several times over the years on various projects I had done by Ted. Jason is still young (compared to me and for such an accomplished pistol smith) but his skills and wisdom exceed his years. He posts almost daily on LTWGuns
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