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  1. I have read that the EPCs built LRBHO is going to be great and I would like something that has a new design to it. I really looked long at the Rock River Arms new 9mm but for the cost of it I thought that this would be the way to go. Although I had a hard time resisting buying a Banshee when they were on sale last week. I am big believer in KISS.
  2. Basically I'm a newbie wanting to build something that's not out yet. I'm afraid of I wait to order it will be another 14 months of waiting for it. Trust me, I waited while saved up, gave up, bought Klipsch speakers for home, and had time to save up again. Ugh, lol.
  3. I have nothing yet. I don't compete. Illinois can't have SBRs. Hence I want a pistol. Just know nothing about building one. I have a friend that does and promised he would help me assemble it when the time comes. But I have not had the chance to sit down with him about the parts I will need.
  4. First time on here. I stumbled across this forum. Planning on buying my first PCC. They don't make a complete pistol yet. So I have to figure out what all I need to order at once if I get on in time to get my order in. This is what I have been told to buy from them so far.. EPC receiver set 8.3 inch barrel 7 inch R Atlas handgaurd Ambi charging handle 9mm BCG EPC lower parts kit EPC buffer kit VG6 Gamma 9mm SBA3 Am I forgetting anything? Is this what you guys would order? The 3rd will come and go fast. TIA. I need help lol.
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