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  1. I got a email today that mine was estimated to leave coating 08/13 then they would need 5 business days before shipping to FFL. I ordered on Black Friday
  2. I ordered my Honcho on Black Friday and just got the email that it's ready for coating!
  3. That's what I initially thought until I googled tlr1 on x5 legion
  4. Hey guys I can't find the right key for my X5 legion frame for the streamlight tlr1 I've tried 1913 and Glock and both will not get the flashlight back enough. I thought the the X5 legion frame took standard 1913.
  5. Josh Tarrant is the biggest name I've shot with I believe. I can shoot a shotgun well I need to work on my loading .
  6. Can you guys help me out? This match would be my 3rd 3gun match I am a uspsa c in limited and low A in pcc. I have strong rifle skills what percentage should I sign up for?
  7. Hi guys after shooting pcc for a couple years I am moving to open/limited division. I recently ordered a Phoenix Trinity honcho . I also have a staccato xl that I will use for steel matches. In your opinions and what is the best holster, belt, and pouches that I can get. Price is not really a factor. Thanks!!
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