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  1. When I decided to buy and shoot a 10mm I made the choice not to have two different sets of brass for the same gun. I have that with my 357's, don't need to do it again. I just work up downloads for my 10mm. I don't see the benefit of using 40S&W in a 10mm and I certainly don't see the benefit of cutting a bunch of 10mm cases down, you can scrounge 40S&W on the range, but I don't find much 10mm in the brass bucket.
  2. You not only want to have chronograph lights set up but also turn off any nearby flourescent lights. Experiment a little to see what affects your set up Yes this can be a problem when your at a range with other people shooting, or where you can't control the lighting. I've found that as long as the lane I'm using and the two adjacent lanes have lights out my chronograph works, and it is OK to have lights behind so long as the light does not directly shine on the chronograph.
  3. Hodgdon (owner of Winchester Powder now) doesn't list it for any pistol cartridge, I'd listen to them. My own bias shades toward Power Pistol - clean burning and runs consistantly through the powder meter. I use it for 750 fps w/165 gr up to 1000 fps w/200 gr. It will push 200 gr. faster, but I use Blu Dot for that.
  4. Blue Dot is good, especially for top end loads, it meters pretty well for a flake powder. I just picked up some AA#9, but haven't tried out any 10mm yet. My go to powder for everything is Power Pistol - from 45 Colt to 9mm. It works well with 10mm from moderate to just short of maximum loads. I load 165 gr. with Power Pistol for ICORE matches (1omm revolver) with a power factor of 125.
  5. I know this is about 45 ACP, but my experience is with 38 Spcl. and 10mm. I have put together light and moderate loads with Sport Pistol and either way it runs clean.
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