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  1. I went to the range again today and had 1 failure to eject on a last round (again) and 3 failure to loads. I think I might have discovered the issue. When I installed the Nordic Mag Extension I used the original spring from the factory. Nordic said that was fine. I installed the Nordic Spring that came with the 1301 extension kit and cut off about 11.5". I can already tell there is much more pressure on rounds in the tube when I depress it with my finger and eject dummie rounds. I think this will solve my failure to load issues where the round is not loading in the chamber but ejected halfway from the tube magazine. However, not sure if this will solve my two instances of failure to eject on the last round.
  2. I love my 1301 so far. Just want it to work 99.5% of the time. Anything less is not acceptable. I am fortunate to have access to a private range I can shoot anytime I want. I test any firearm I own for reliability, handling and accuracy on this range. My minimum standard is that a firearm should be able to shoot 200 successive rounds without a malfunction. Hence 99.5% reliability. If a firearm won't pass this muster, I try to work with the manufacture to rectify the issue. After consulting with them or sending it back for repairs and if it still does not perform it gets sold or traded. I have a Beretta AL390 I bought new in the early 90's and it was not until last year I finally cleaned the piston and piston chamber. It runs flawlessly. I want the 1301 to match that standard of reliability. Any thoughts on getting me there is appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the advice ecn515. I used Hoppes to clean the piston and piston chamber but then I wipe it dry. Further I use an air compressor to blow out the piston chamber ports. So it is dry. I am going to try an shoot it in the new few days or next weekend to see how it runs. I love the Beretta 1301 so far minus this little snafu.
  4. Today was my second day on the range shooting my 1301. The only modifications I have done was adding a Nordic Max Extension and installing a Light Modified Beretta Ported Extended Choke. The first day on the range the 1301 performed well with a variety of ammunition to include 2 3/4 & 3" 00 Buckshot. 2 3/4 slugs and #8 and 7 1/2 dove/pigeon loads. I did have one FTE on the last round with a 3" magnum 00 Federal Buckshot Load. Maybe a fluke. Approximately 100 rounds fired. I thoroughly cleaned the shotgun after this session. Today, during my second range time I fired the following in order: 1. 25 rounds of Remington 7 1/2 Shur Shot Heavy Dove 2 3/4 - 1255 FPS: No issues 2. 11 Rounds of Federal True Ball Rifled Slugs 2 3/4 - 1610 FPS: No Issues 3. 10 Rounds of Federal Maximum 00 Buck 2 3/4 - 1325 FPS: FTE on last round (spent casting was in the chamber and the action was locked back) 4. 25 rounds of Winchester Game Load #8 2 3/4 - 1290 FPS: No issues Today I thoroughly cleaned the shotgun once again per the owner's manual directions. I am hoping my next session will not have any issues as I have heard the 1301 is a very reliable platform. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.
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