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  1. The floating trigger pin isn't exactly an upgrade, but more like a luxury item, and figured I'd give it a shot. Makes it easier for frequent detailed break downs. I was wondering if it was shifting the timing, but it occured me after your post to try something. I reinstalled it, and ever so slightly pushed the trigger return spring forward a little. Held it there as I pulled the trigger, and it breaked better. Pushed a little more, and breaked exactly as it should. Looks like holes in the old trigger shoe is just wide enough, it threw it off just enough, because the pin holes in th
  2. I recently got an old surplus IMI Jericho FS (old enough to have the 3.5" barrel, not the later 3.8"), and I'm slowly getting new pins and springs for service life maintenance. Runs great, runs consistent, but figured why not? For giggles, I tried CGW's floating trigger pin, the Canik size since the Jericho is a Tanfoglio clone, and I didn't find any reported issues. But I'm running into one now. Install was no problem, yet the trigger travel is now horrible, especially in single action (I haven't done any trigger polishing whatsoever). 1: With the original roll pin, th
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