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  1. This thread has had me thinking. I have two 2011 BULs with plastic grips and I bought the steel grip from BUL to try it out (but hasn't been installed yet--nice paperweight, though). But, I prefer the steel grip on my SVI because it's smaller and fits my hands better. @Bakerjd, is the Cheely grip any smaller than the BUL?
  2. I have a Shorty. Bought it maybe two months ago directly from Tomer at Bul Armory USA. The guns are absolutely built to run 9major (as well as 9minor). We don't reload so we use Atlanta Arms 147gr 9major 171pf. I'll give you my thoughts: I wanted a Shorty as my first choice for an Open gun but after an unsuccessful two month search (I did see a Bullesteros and a UR F/Heavy Metal available) and hearing that Bul was probably another six months from accepting orders, I bought an SVI Open gun. Even though I didn't want a regular-length open gun, I bought it so I could start shooting open. I love the SVI. It was the backup gun for a shooter who recently became Bul-sponsored (oddly enough). Shortly after I got the SVI, I received an email from Tomer saying he had a Shorty coming in. I purchased the Shorty and have been shooting it and even though I love the SVI, I like the Shorty better. Here's why: 1) Shorty is "makes-a-difference" shorter and simply feels/points/swings etc better for me compared to an open with a longer (regular-length, 5") slide. 2) Shorty feels a little lighter (plastic grip) which maybe helps with "feels/points/swings" better from #1. And I would respectfully disagree with Bakerjd about the "beat your hands to death." I say that because I own and shoot an SVI (with two complete factory uppers in 38sc and 9major) that is twice the cost of my Shorty and shoots incredibly--and the Shorty feels similar. *Shorty came with 1.25lb trigger that is fantastic. (SVI has 1lb) *the Nikko Sterling 6moa red dot that comes on Shorty is exactly the same as RTS2 on my SVI, so much so that I'm wondering if the same manufacturer makes both. *with Atlanta Arms Elite 147gr 9major, I am getting .80" groups from benchrest at 25yds. *gun came with two 170mm mags that have run flawless. *gun came with new Bul optic mount and two different thumb-rests so I could mount and use the one that fit best for me *gun came with modular trigger (with shoe A) that can switch the shoe out easily. Shoes are $15 at Shooters Connection. Now, there are some limitations to my opinion here. I shot about 10 rounds through a Czechmate, and two different custom build 2011s, and then only handled a Shorty when I was exploring buying an open gun. And, my only real open gun shooting has been the SVI and Shorty. I'm new to practical shooting (but have been range shooting a long time--my husband was a bullseye shooter) don't reload, and have very limited knowledge of open gun stuff.
  3. fantastic looking gun! Extra wide frame has a great subtle aesthetic.
  4. wow that group looks great. My TS2 loves 147s as well.
  5. I shoot Limited minor with it. Stock mags are 20 rounds, and CZC basepads and spring/follower kits give me 23. The safety is set a little farther forward on slide than my 2011s (which is tougher for my girl-hands) but the 48oz gun shoots awesome. There is a whole thread in the CZ section on the TS2 that I've chimed-in on and I haven't been able to find anything promising re: a TS2 40cal
  6. I bought a TSO 40 and a TS2 9mm within one week of each other. They are very very similar but with two differences that I can feel. 1) The grip on the TS2 is slightly larger in my hand--feels longer from backstrap to trigger. 2) The TS2 slide has slightly shorter profile (which I like aesthetically and functionally). Other than that it might be tough to compare further (i.e., how it shoots) because one is 40 and one is 9mm. I sold the TSO (to another Enos member a month ago) to fund the Infinity.
  7. Both! It has two complete top ends, and each got the new extractor system couple months ago.
  8. i realize I'm a couple weeks late here but I recently bought a gun that comes with the DAA shielded safeties and the width is great for my not-big hands. Makes a difference.
  9. I've read a thread in this forum about a good experience/review of the Brazos shortblock. Interested me when I was researching my initial Open gun purchase. Read here Thoughts on Brazos Custom Open Short Block - Open Pistols - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!
  10. this is probably a great suggestion. The only thing is that when the OP says he "is a bit of a gear nut, and a trigger snob" will the S2 with its DA/SA trigger be good enough for him and will he be satisfied gear-wise with a production pistol with a RDS on the slide?
  11. I recently bought an Open gun after researching/figuring out/sorting through what I’d think I like. Based on your criteria, I think you may find the $2000 price to be the limiting factor. The list I came up with was Czechmate at $3200, Bul UR at $3600 (polymer grip), then $5000+ for the rest. 9mm TSO is $1750+ $100 for CZC mount+ your SRO that you already have.
  12. That is a really good looking gun. Also cool how they figured out how to angle the mount to position the lens so close to top of slide
  13. that makes sense to me.
  14. I can understand your position. Although, this sounds like a beef with uspsa leadership, and not so much people who shoot uspsa. And remember, you were a uspsa "noob" at one time too.
  15. I haven't been around long enough to understand what you are saying here. I obviously get the band-aid reference but what division is headed where?
  16. i understand your thought process but I don't think that is the solution. Someone more experienced/knowledgeable than me maybe could chime in here, but I think the reasons 9mm Limited major would be a difficult sell are: 1) the high-pressures of the round would make it a higher recoiling round than 40 in a Limited gun (a division that doesn't allow compensators), so that would effectively be a disadvantage rather than an advantage 2) Seems like all the guns we are thinking of when discussing shooting Limited with 9mm are not built to handle 9mm major, so that would not advance the idea of having people shoot something they already have/is already popular 3) Factory-made 9mm major is in short supply, which means many of those who shoot the caliber resort to reloading, which then presents another hurdle for the type of person we are talking about here
  17. Reading the above, I think you and I share the same extreme disappointment in what is happening in some LE agencies (I merely have an outsider's view, and I think you probably have a much better finger on the pulse of it). To clarify my position a bit, I am not advocating for yet another 9mm-focused division. I saw this thread as a discussion on the popularity of Limited minor and am thinking through how it's popularity could be increased. I rotate shooting guns in uspsa based on what I feel like shooting at the time and haven't considered minor/major yet even as I know doing so doesn't help me in terms of classification or "moving up" in the sport. The sport is just so fun and I really like being around the people. And, to be honest, it is a little intimidating to be a uspsa newbie.
  18. No, I don't think many would suggest that--based on price alone, I think we can rule that out. But there is actual data behind the record numbers of women and millenials purchasing guns in the past year. Limited minor seems to be a great fit to shoot 9mm + guns with >10 mag capacity + iron sights. Would be great to attract people who could experience the fun of shooting in a much more dynamic setting than the static, slow-fire range.
  19. Seems that single action 9mms are perfect for Limited minor. All those double-stack 1911s/2011s that are super fun to shoot in 9mm (and seem to me to be really popular) should be a natural fit. And at the rate that women and millenials have been buying guns this past year, as some of them get interested in shooting sports, then (I'm secretly hoping) more may shoot in the division.
  20. I shoot Limited minor with my CZ TS2 and love it. I'm new to uspsa and am just excited to shoot a gun i really like. I also shoot a Bul SAS II in 40 for major but the minor/major scoring thing takes a backseat right now to the fun i'm having shooting guns I like. And I suspect there may be other women like me.
  21. I definitely need more practice and more reps here for what you suggest.
  22. Haha I knew there was a secret trick! I'm still in the "I need to wear my lucky socks" phase.
  23. I haven't really thought about how the gun gets out in front of my eyes--I hear the beep and I grab gun and stick it out in front of me. Seems like there's an actual learning aspect here rather than an instinctual one.
  24. Welcome! Lansing area here.
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