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  1. Good fair stage design is the key, I hope enough of the box feed guns shoot to get a real comparing of the strengths and short comings. also comparing of shooters of the same ability shooting the different platforms. look foward to seeing everyone at Rockcastle! Grant.
  2. Hey when are you guys going to start having the 3gun matches?

  3. We are working on having 1st monthly 3gun at montgomery county shooting complex in march we will have to keep it simple as we only have a few steel targets for rifle come out and check out the range. gm.
  4. I think I will make this one for sure better sight in the Grendel
  5. there is a thread on the Global Village on the subject http://ipsc.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=10754 about post #7 or so gm.
  6. CastIron

    Team Match

    You can count me in also maybe I can find a team member or two here in Tennessee Grant.
  7. Count me in and a few of the guys from Sabre in!! Grant.
  8. Trapr, I beleve that NTPS is using the SMM3G rules with permision, or at least that is what they did last year the rules were not a big issue last year at all. Come on down or up in your case and have a good time blasting for the weekend. I have been thinking we might need a special IRON SIGHT gun on the prize table got any Ideas? barrel length, sight system, 1in7 or 1in8 ??? 6.5 grendel or 5.56 just a thought. I will check back after the 1st when I get back into town, Grant,
  9. 3gungal, we had a great time shooting with you folks also, by far the best squad I have shot with in the last 20 years! ( I started really young) I still wished we had gotten a picture of that Couger!!! Grant.