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  1. For sure tear down. Set up gets a slight discount. One of the stages was simply a plate rack.
  2. I’m not sure there’s water out there
  3. Was thinking the same thing. Probably gonna stop going those for awhile. And they wonder why we have like 10 people come to them
  4. How about a $30 local match with 4 courses of fire?
  5. One vote for Let’s all move on
  6. This is teaching me to be extra careful with my PCC in the future.
  7. Wasn’t he under their supervision at that point?
  8. Excited to hear how this event goes. Good luck to all attending. If there is one next year, will certainly be there
  9. That’s how you get conversations shut down people
  10. Yes, specific to IDPA. But good to know about uspsa. Figured it would work for single stack.
  11. In what category would I be in if competing with a Springfield EMP 4”?
  12. That is a great idea. We need forward thinking that embraces new and exciting concepts to see growth within the organization, especially in these challenging times.
  13. I think the fee is fine, it can go towards the cost of instructor. The hard part is setting up the hotel, car and meals. That can add up pretty quickly. USPSA should allow the fee to cover those expenses if they won’t.
  14. If that was anywhere in Texas, I’d be there!
  15. Looks like an interesting event. Will you need a sling?
  16. I would love to know more about what you are talking about. But do appreciate the concern/advice. I just don’t know a better source than these forums to learn the ins and outs of how all this works.
  17. Anybody ever done one of the classes with Vogel? Love to hear your opinion
  18. Think we got some stuff in the works. Thanks for the good advice everyone.
  19. My CZ scorpion does great with 147, but also with any factory 115. When I use the syntech 150s, the dot doesn’t move much at all.
  20. I have been searching and have not found any NROI certification classes in Texas, let alone my area. Checked the link link on USPSA site. Did most of y’all who received the NROI get it by traveling a far distance? I inquired with my local club, it didn’t seem like we would get the required number, but I will keep trying. Any advice is appreciated.
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