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  1. I have two Briley triggers on both of my M2s and they are awesome. Mine break right at 3.75lbs. Very crisp and as close to a "1911 style trigger" as you can get in a shotgun. For slugs, it has really helped me. Nick
  2. SRR is right down the road from me. I might try to stop in on a Sunday sometime and polish up my pistol game a bit. Thanks for sharing the info and the write up. Nick
  3. Great match Jeremy! Thanks for all the hard work you and your staff put into this match. Also, thanks to the sponsors for making it possible. I'm looking forward to next years! Nick
  4. Not that he needs it, but I'll vouch for Jeff, he puts on a great multigun matches and works his ass off to make sure the competitors get the most bang for their entry-fee-buck! Everything is planned out to the littlest detail; sign up, you won't be disappointed. Nick
  5. Fly into DFW, it is the closet airport and is about an hour from the range. Granbury has some good lodging and is about 10-15 minutes away from the front gate of the range. You could also stay in Cresson, there is one hotel, otherwise you could look at Benbrook, Weatherford, or Cleburne, they are all within 25 minutes of the front gate.
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