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  1. Yeah the 28th was when I got the pre shipment notification, order was placed November 30th. I did get an email today saying it should go out tomorrow so hopefully he is starting to catch back up. Anxious to put this rifle together and for my 12 year old to quit asking me if it’s here yet!
  2. Yeah, still got the same pre shipment update when I check my tracking. That was on the 28th of December, I’ve had multiple email replies since then and they all just say it will be shipped shortly, lol
  3. Yeah, I finally got an emailed response yesterday that just said they would be getting it out very shortly. Just checked again and its still shows to be in the pre shipped status. I understand people getting behind or some products taking longer if they arent ready to ship, but I also believe that is something you should be upfront with the customer about, like when I ordered the Kidd receiver they told me at the time of ordering that it would be at least 3 weeks, which I was fine with. If they would have told me in November that the barrel was 6 weeks out there is a possibility I would have looked at a different barrel but probably would have still purchased it anyways but would have had realistic expectations of when I would receive it. Anyways, sounds like they are back in the shop and over the Covid so that is a blessing for sure, Ill quit venting about stuff that doesnt really matter in the long run!
  4. Has anyone ordered and received anything from Wiland USA in the last month or so. I placed an order for a barrel on November 30th and still have not received it. After a few emails I was sent a tracking number last week but it’s just a pre shipment tracking, still shows it hasn’t shipped. This is my first time dealing with this company and was just curious if this is the norm for them. We ordered quite a few other parts to build a gun from other companies that told me upfront they would be 3 weeks at least from shipping and those have all arrived, now we are just waiting on the barrel. i understand things are taking longer than usual so I was curious if anyone else is in the same boat?
  5. Have just a basic 5.56 ar platform rifle, a 9mm semi auto pistol, and a sporting semi auto shotgun. Shotgun would probably be the first area we upgrade if he ends up wanting to do it more.
  6. Thanks, really appreciate the info. Going to try and track down something close we can go to and get our feet wet, might have to drive a little but can make a weekend of it. He’s 12 and been shooting his whole life recreational, but started shooting more competitions this year. So he’s got some experience and can handle the basic start of it. I think we will just take what we got and go find a place and see what happens.
  7. So as the title states I’m completely new to the sport but my son has shown an extreme interest in it. Just wanted to reach out to some with a little more knowledge on the best things to prioritize as we began the process. We have talked to others locally and done some online research but figured I’d ask on here for any of you that have gone down this path with their own kids what kind of advice you could pass on. My budget is smaller than most so as we progress I want to make sure I’m buying needs and not wants, lol. Anyways I know this is a vague post and question but appreciate any replies
  8. Appreciate all the replies so far, just caved and placed the order for all the Kidd parts, LLW barrel, and the axiom stock. Will be a few weeks but I will check back and show some progress when it all shows up. I can sell a few items to make up for the cost difference, but we are excited to see the finished product. Now it’s time to start researching a new pistol...
  9. Yeah, lesson learned on that one. Looks like I’m either going to go the custom route or try to snag a different model and throw the axiom stock on afterwards.
  10. Well looks like I waited too long, everyone seems to be out of stock now for that option. Going to try and call magnum research direct and see about a custom order and time frame. Should have just bought the one at gunzonedeals the other day. oh well, if anyone has an inside tract on one for sale somewhere I’d appreciate the info. The couple I’ve found are quite a bit higher and would rather go the custom route if I spend much more
  11. Well I waited over the weekend to see if anything cheaper would pop up but nothing I could find. Looks like gunzonedeals will be the best buy right now so thanks for that link. Was also able to snag a cmore railway on their cyber sale so we should be set to shoot here in a week or so when it gets in.
  12. Thanks for all the links, will probably get an order placed tomorrow. Now it’s time to shop around for a red dot to throw on top.
  13. Appreciate the link, that’s a better price than I found. I signed up to be emailed when they get in stock. Going to call around after everyone opens up and see what I can find
  14. Awesome, I’ll give them a call and see what kind of price I can get it at.
  15. I think that’s the route we will go, was trying to find specs on the switchbolt stock to see how much weight would be saved by adding the axiom, it’s only 70 bucks right now at midway, so not a real expensive upgrade. Looks like I can snag a switchbolt for around 600 or more. I’ll just add a red dot and the axiom and he will be set. He’s been shooting a borrowed Winchester wildcat so he is anxious to have his own to practice more.
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