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  1. Yes, they will work great. As long as you trim down your brass case length .010 shorter they will work great. I've shot thousands of them with no problems. Hammer spring needs to be at least 18 lbs
  2. They don't clean well at all. Only loose stuff. You need some solvent and a bronze bore brush to do a real cleaning
  3. That's a great company. They were the only company that had the bushnell sight I wanted and was 10 bucks cheaper. The sight was shipped with a plastic insert into the battery slot so the battery was loose in there and th dot kept shutting off everytime I took a shot. Luckily I just changed out the battery and that fixed the problem optics planet said to just ship it back if i had any problems with it, but luckily the new battery thickness is what fixed the problem so all is well.
  4. I just ordered from J-Ames they said shipping is about 8-14 days right now. I ordered 10K rounds of rimfire from academy so I got plenty to shoot with in the mean time Lol
  5. I think those were the purple ones I bought? the 9mm flat nose 147's. I did not like them too much leading and the coating is weak seems to burn off and smells like that mexico rimfire ammo smell like burning down an old shed. i won't buy more of those
  6. I just got into that so I bought a ruger mark 2 old but better w no magazine safety junk. I shortened the barrel to 3" and installed a steel comp. the thing runs great. pain in the a$$ to take apart and clean though
  7. It's matte bright nickel electroplated over a abrasive blasted surface
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