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  1. What brand resizing die are you using? When I started reloading 357SIG (resized 40S&W) I used an RCBS which did not set the shoulder low enough and would cause slide not to go into battery. Ended up machining some of the base of the die off (can’t remember how much) to get the shoulder of the case right. I’ve since switched to Dillon resizing die and haven’t had any issues. Alternatively your resizing die might have backed out just enough or it’s not touching the shell plate. I had issues with old Winchester cases given to me by a fellow shooter that had been used in a Glock. Had
  2. Hello, Been browsing the forum for a while and shooting for a bloody long time, figured it was time to join. Shoot IPSC and Service Match (similar to NRA PPC I think), bit of a 1911/2011 addict and reloader (the blue one). Cheers SuperDuke
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