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  1. Thinking about the mirror idea, one other issue as I work throught it is how to hold the case in place without obsuring the headstamp. I think one method was to hold it above the rim. Will work on it this weekend. Arducam arrived in the mail this week so image testing can start soon.
  2. I am interested in building one of these. A smaller home version, not a high speed commercial version. So far I have 3D printed a case feeder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpMwxtec5aw I just built the top portion and ignored the bottom portion. This worked great for about 5 minutes, when it jammed and broke the geared motor. My next step was to create a motor controller using an arduino. I followed this advice to sense a jam and then reversed the motor https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/300768/how-to-tell-a-dc-motor-is-stuck . Right now this is being used with a Lee App Press to deprime, size and flare my cases. This is working very well right now. A couple of notes on the case feeder mentioned above. While it is great, I found a few issues that I would like to change. The slot in the bucket is made for 9MM and not big enough for 45 ACP so I manually enlarged using a file. The shute from the bucket was made large enough to accommodate larger cases but I find that 9MM can jam since they can end up sideways as they bounce down the shute, so working on a solution for this. I also changed the motor to one from Amazon that was less expensive, so I had to modify the frame to accommodate it. However I want to change the bottom end to a head stamp sorter. I plan on mainly using a 3D printer since I don't have a lathe or mill. I have played around with machine learning and think this would be a good practical project. I work full time so this won't be done in days or weeks but hopefully within the next year. I will set up a github site with the project including my motor control system. Right now, I am designing a part to flip the cases so the base of the case is up instead of down, I will then drop them into a plate similar to the pick up plate in the case feeder. Then the camera can be above the case to take the pictures. Hopefully this avoids issues with dirt and dust falling on the camera lense which would happen if the cases were base down and the camera was underneath the cases.
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