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  1. Good find: https://outdoors.natchezss.com/search?w=frankford f10 Press is $650, toolheads are $103, Case Feeder $196, Bullet Feeder $380, Shell Plates $72 each. I agree, although I started with an XL750 and added the bullet feeder and primer collator almost from the start. I did my first 200 or so without just so I could learn the process, but added them almost immediately and haven't looked back.
  2. I assume you mean like the case feeders and bullet feeders? Only the casefeeder appears to be included with the RL1100 and M7. I always assumed it was an add-on for both of those, but that at least helps to justify the $2k and $3k price tags, respectively. Even still, I would expect Frankford's Casefeeder option to be less than Dillon's, and still to come in at $1k or less (w/casefeeder, but without bullet feeder) given their press is so much less expensive. Whether it works as well (and for that matter, the FX-10 itself) remains to be seen.
  3. The only one that I haven't heard mentioned here, which I think could really shake things up, is the new Frankford Arsenal FX-10. There's not a lot of info available on it yet, but release date that I saw is late this Calendar Year. Will be a 10 station press with on press swaging, and expected price is around $700. I think it will be an extremely strong competitor to the Dillon XL750, 1050, and even the Mark 7, since capacity is the same but price is expected to be 1/4 what the M7 is and 1/3 what the 1050 is (and more stations to boot than the 1050). It obviously won't be as refined as the M7 and maybe not the 1050, and may not be as easily automatable, but I am seriously considering the FX-10 as my next potential upgrade from my XL750.
  4. As the title suggests, is it possible to reload 223 (or any rifle caliber) using the XL750 with a Mr Bullet Feeder and Powder Check? Using the DAA Extra Short Powder bar, I've had no problems doing this with 9mm. But for reloading 223, I need to swap the short powder bar with the long one, and DAA doesn't make a long powder bar replacement option. Is there a workaround that anyone is aware of, up to and including using a different powder measure? I'd love to see solutions, as I'm a big fan of the powder check (for safety) and MBF(for convenience).
  5. Care to elaborate on your bad experience? What would you have bought instead? Sounds like Dillon is by far the most popular press for reloader. At least that was the conclusion I came to when looking into which press to get.
  6. The only place I disagree is the gap between the xl750 and the 1100/M7 Evo. As I was trying to decide between all 3 options (750, 1100, M7 Evo) they really broke into 2 buckets. $650 for a complete setup is a big diff from $2k and $3k to me. I usually do buy once, cry once, but for just getting started, it was hard for me to justify spending 3x to 5x as much as a 750 for either of the other 2 options. If I get really into reloading I could still see myself getting an M7 Evo eventually. But I dont think I'll regret the 750, as it wasnt a significant purchase and I can leave it set up for a lesser used caliber. My impression (having never used one) is that the 1100 sits in an awkward gap. It's way too expensive (my opinion, I'm sure some will disagree) for what you get and doesn't deliver enough incremental to the 750 and has not been refined/improved enough over the years to justify its cost relative to an M7 Evo. I would guess for many that could drop $2k for the 1100, talking themselves into $3k for the Evo isn't much of a stretch.
  7. OP here. Is money a factor for you? I think that's usually the trade-off that determines your choices. You either have more time than money or vice versa. And if you have more time, then use what you have whether it's the most efficient option or not. If you'd like to save time, then there may be a purchase you could make that helps make you more efficient. Since you already have the RL1100 on order, I personally would keep that and then get used to using that and reassess in a few months whether an extra 550 or 750 would help you save a bunch of time. If you're just doing 9mm, from what I've gathered, having a 2nd progressive press may not save a ton of time. I think a lot of people use a 2nd progressive press for processing rifle brass or leave their main one set up for their most popular caliber and the extra press set up for their 2nd most popular caliber. I went with a 750 to start for my volume reloading. I could envision myself long term also getting an RL1100 or Mark 7 Evo. But I would put myself in the more money than time category, and will be doing a lot to ensure I'm being as efficient as possible in my reloading.
  8. Yep, not only is it extreme gouging, but on top of it, the seller seems to be intentionally misleading with the title and including just enough info in the description to be justified in not issuing a refund because the quantity is actually spelled out in the listing. Very deceptive, and changed my perception from one of "this is a decent seller" to "this is pretty disgusting, especially at a time when you can already sell primers for an extreme markup". To further mark it up because people aren't clear on the quantity they're buying is just plain wrong.
  9. I'm checking from my phone and could be misreading thing, but I thought in the description of that link it says the auction is only for 1 box or 1500 primers.
  10. Wow, this has been really great, thanks all. Just to document what I decided to do: I bought a Forster Co-Ax press (unfortunately on backorder) as I suspect it'll be good to learn on and also will be useful longer term for loading those calibers that I don't expect to be shooting in high volumes. I also got on the waiting list for a Dillon XL750. So far I've picked up 9mm, 223, and 300BLK dies and various other reloading equipment (wet tumbler, case dryer, chrono...). I also managed to score a few pounds of powder, plenty of 9mm bullets, a small amount of 223 bullets, and a very small number of small rifle and small pistol primers. Hopefully I can get lucky and find some more primers soon so I can begin reloading as soon as my Co-Ax arrives.
  11. Glad I stumbled across this thread. Has there been any update on the Mark 7 Trimmer? Any additional feedback about the MA sizing and crimp dies?
  12. Thank you everyone for the responses. They have been helpful. @Boomstick303 Your response was extremely insightful. You've assuaged most of my concerns about jumping straight to the equipment that I plan to use over the long term. I've just started my Youtube and online/forum learning journey a few weeks ago, so I've still got a lot more to read through/watch. I've mostly watched Ultimate Reloader/Gavintoobe and some from Bolt Action Reloading on YouTube. Who are the good ones that you recommend? Any books I should get? I'm planning to order the Lyman reloading manual, but are there other books that would be good to read before starting? Like you, I don't have any mentor I'm comfortable enough with to ask for guidance. I do consider myself moderately mechanically inclined and handy, and I tend to do a massive amount of research before diving into something. I have no plans to change that when it comes to reloading. And I too intend to reload 9mm, 223, 300BO. I would also like to do a little bit of .45, 308, and 6.5CM, but not anywhere near the volume of those first three. I'm still learning about all of the steps. I've seen case prep come up often as many people's least favorite part of reloading. It seems you can often repurpose an older press to dedicate to that function. So I wasn't sure if it made sense to start on one of the smaller turret or progressives from Dillon (550, 750) because I could later convert that into a case prep machine.
  13. I've picked shooting back up after a several year hiatus. I never had the space to reload previously, but now I do and I'm interested in reloading so I can shoot more for the same amount of money (especially when prices/availability get to the point that they are right now) and getting more consistency and accuracy. My question though: if you were to start fresh knowing what you do, what equipment would you get? After I master the basics, I was thinking I would like to get an RL1100 until I stumbled across the M7 Evolution. I don't think progressive presses are the right place to start though. Everything I've read says to start with a single stage press. But what single stage press, dies, and other equipment would still be useful down the road, even once you have an M7 Evolution with toolheads for each caliber you want to reload? The only thing I have so far is a bunch of dirty brass and a Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler Lite which I also plan to use for cleaning some cans once they're out of jail. I'm fortunate that I can invest in quality stuff, and that's usually how I approach any hobby: I don't mind buying quality products that are a good value and will serve me well for a long time. I just don't want to buy equipment, particularly expensive equipment, if it's only useful when getting started. I don't get the feeling that's the case with reloading equipment, but I'm sure there are things that will be replaced once you upgrade and I'd like to know what those are so I can put more money into the equipment that I'll get longer-term use out of.
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