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  1. Curious how many of you download mags? I run TF and TTI mag extensions on my mags and found that the tighter I top off my mags the more likely I am to run into failure to feeds. Upward spring pressure on the mag sends my rounds slamming into the face of the barrel whereas it would normally feed. Found usually downloading 6 ish rounds cures the problem. Is this normal? JP GMR with blietzkrieg short stroked setup if that makes any diff.
  2. I ran one for the longes time with a blietzkrieg buffer and never really had any issues. One observation is that if for any reason the bolt slows down, the bolt catch notch cut into the bottom of the jp enhanced bolt will snag your next round in the mag and cause a double feed. It happened to me maybe 2 times in 3,000 rounds and I attributed it to user error, mostly mine (ok ALL my fault), where I rode the charging handle back ever so slightly rather than slightshot it back into battery. I induced doubled feeds and could not for the life of me figure it out until one day while dry firing I rode the charging handle forward slowly and saw the face of the bolt would feed a round and the notch would double feed the next round. I have full confidence in the bolt but just something to be mindful of, the bolt catch notch is cut at an angle and with the inertia of the bolt going forward this is not likely to ever happen.
  3. Three total, two up front at 11 and 12 oclock and one at 9 oclock for emergencies. The ones up front are good for classifiers, I always carry an emergency backup mag on me most of the time. Many of my local clubs will do back to back classifiers where you may need 3 or 4 mags total (its rare). But i'd say a good 90% of the time that 9 oclock pouch never gets used. You could argue I really only need the front pouch but its nice to know I have the two up front in case I need them. The more I think about it, the more i talk myself out of removing that 9 oclock mag pouch.
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