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  1. Thank you both for your replies to this! HesedTech you have definitely called it on the problem, this bullet just isn't right for 10mm. Funny enough I now notice that my favorite bullet producer (ACME) redesigned their 180gr flat point. The original bullet is shaped just like these DG's and newer design looks to be shorter and fatter up top. I just wish that they had these in stock. I used to have a number of 40sw's but went through a caliber consolidation when I stocked up on reloading supplies. As I don't have any 40sw brass or loaded ammo I am going to skip buying a new gu
  2. Hello, I just received my first order of DG Bullets 180gr and am experiencing an issue that I cannot find much info about. I am loading 10mm using starline brass and find that even when the bullet is seated to maximum COL of 1.26" the ogive of the bullet is slightly below the case mouth. With other 180gr bullets I usually have a little shoulder above the case mouth. I have attached a picture of the bullet in question next to a Lasercast 180gr and you can see how the shape of the DG bullet differs. I would like to know if anyone thinks this will be a problem? After c
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