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  1. Timney did a great job sending me the return spring the day after I got a reply.... usps on the other hand not so much ...LOL
  2. I contacted them yesterday, they got back to me late today (same time zone as I am in). I replied directly to my order confirmation and CC'd their customer service email as well just in case. May want to give it a whirl 10 days w/o a reply is a long time.
  3. They really should include a torque setting on it although it’s probably super light like 5-7 in lb without breaking the oem polymer housing. I need to contact timney today about mine and getting the stronger return spring
  4. Man I had no idea there was a stronger reset trigger now that they were putting out. I've been off the forums for awhile for work. I'll have to check this out.
  5. Oh sweet! Thx for posting this info up... I was kind of considering going this route with the minus connector once I learned the difference between all the connectors.
  6. OH wait! Jentra tungsten guide rods work for the gen 5? I didn't realize they had an adapter out for the gen 5...
  7. I just did the same thing, I used the heavy guide rod I got for Jager a few days ago with the #13 wolf. I noticed even with the stock oem guide rod/spring setup there is some hangup in the slide going all the way forward. And it's more pronounced with a lightened spring, must be the sear mechanism? of the Timney? If I got some time later when my kids are watching TV after dinner I"ll make a quick video and post it so others know what we are referring too.
  8. I bent mine inwards (towards the middle of the gun) little by little, I overshot, and then bent it back and overshot it again, and basically kept going back and forth until the trigger bar didn't jump the connector and wouldn't get pin the trigger bar either...and until it felt just perfect. I would say though that you do have to install everything and put pins at least partially in fore and aft to be accurate.
  9. How far off the lands was your seating depth? 0.020"? I loaded to 0.015-0.020" on average using 124 MG JHPs, they shot well @ 25 yds the precision delta 124 FMJs were meh.... Titegroup PF 130-132.
  10. I put a C&H on my Glock MOS 34 to run a DPP 6 MOA, quality was great, but one of two screws had a large burr on the end from being cut, and this created some install issues but nothing a file didn't fix Was solid. I was surprised at the recommended 10 in lb of torque but with vibratite it's holding.
  11. I totally agree with this, I ran the Timney in my G17 G5 vs. the G34 G5 with a Vanek trigger and 4 lb striker spring, had a few light strikes on my reloads using S&B primers. None on the Timney. I might go up on the Vanek to 4.5 lb (or dare I say back to stock), as I kind of like the squishy break through... or I'll just get another Timney haha
  12. Thx again for leaving this info here.... I had to tune the connector, I ended up going back and forth with that and the ghost connector. Both were pinning the trigger bar and it was making the return very sluggish... for sure this would affect split times. Was easy enough with trial and error to get it right. You were right though pushing the connector too far towards the inside, caused the bar to jump. I might take some polishing paper to the parts this weekend if I have time.
  13. I'm using the OEM G5 G17 connector with the Timney. What's the dot and minus? I'm new to Glocks excuse my ignorance.
  14. Whoa!! 1lb 6.6? Nice! You must be ecstatic.... I noticed on the vids of the gen3/4 versions vs. the gen5, the gen 3/4 versions there is no discernible creep before the break. On my gen5 there is a most definitive creepy rolling break. It's not horrible... but was expecting what I saw on YouTube videos of the gen3/4 I guess...
  15. Powder valley for two days in a row had Titegroup 8 lb jugs in stock, I scored on both accounts. Now if I can just get primers I would be set!
  16. Paranoia leads me to weigh often I just don't trust powder measures.... the Dillon measure can be off .1-.2, it might be my technique but I'm using Titegroup so I get super paranoid. I've also been reloading for the last 11 years for precision rifles to the .02 grain (A&D fx-120i) so I guess it's difficult for me to get over that hump of forgiving variability with powder measures. I appreciate the replies though, one shot here I come!
  17. Yep... this pisses me off to no end as well.... it's absolutely wrong and sad that people do this for their job essentially now, sniping components and reselling on gun broker. Meanwhile the real shooters get screwed especially b/c most of us work full time jobs (some more than one).
  18. For those of you that use One shot lube, do u have issues with powder sticking to measure your charges on a scale every 10th case? Do you guys tumble in corn cob your loaded rounds? I read on the forum, some guys say they just use it VERY sparingly and spray it in a gallon zip lock and lube just the outside of the cases in this method but was curious what others did. I'm new to progressive and I'm also using the XL750. Thx in advance.
  19. Yeah I agree as well, I remember scrounging for 22LR at the local Walmarts every morning on my days off, there was a line of 20 guys in our area, whom we subsequently saw each other at the next Walmart just trying to scrape by for 22LR. Was absolutely crazy during the Obama era; but, I was able to stock up on primers back then but I remember they would run out super quick... but not as quick as now, and I don't remember gun broker scalpers being this bad either back then... unfortunately I took 3 years off from shooting to focus on family and didn't keep up with hoarding. Now that I want to make a comeback....doh. Nada.... disheartening for sure.
  20. Brownells had an epic dump of CCI 450s around 5:05AM west coast time, first time in a long time. I checked out around 5:20AM, but my order got cancelled b/c not enough for allotment. It was kind of disappointing b/c brownells did NOT set a limit and they had 5k ones in stock so probably everyone bought a whole load of them to scalp on gun broker. Sad times.... oh well.
  21. Just got mine installed in about 10 min (I’m new to glocks so I’m a bit slow with them)... New from the FFL unfired G17 gen 5, my oem trigger btw is actually quite good. Very solid wall without much mushy creep like my oem gen 5 G34 (yes I know it’s the same lower).... but I’m telling u its way better and both were brand new when I did the videos. anyways the timney is awesome I made a quick video. My pull weights were 50% reduced (see video for numbers for oem and timney).
  22. Yeah it's been frustrating....a month ago I was constantly refreshing and things become available (on midway), and I try to add when it says "available", and it won't even let me add it saying "not enough" or something like that not even 1 min passed by. Super frustrating.... I don't remember it being. this bad during Obama era...I got to do what others do and have a 10k primer stockpile at all times on top of yearly expected usage. 1st world problems I guess huh...
  23. Dang seriously! Man powder valley had SPP CCI500 and ginex SPPs... I totally missed it. I can only refresh so much in between work and taking care of kids.
  24. Midway had a bunch of primers come into stock this morning, I seriously kept checking, walked away to get my kids ready for the day, came back and a bunch came into stock, and were already out of stock, and I couldn't buy them. Even the one that said "Available" system would not let me add it... big bummer.
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