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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. To clarify I’m not looking for what works without earplugs or what has great db reduction. Do the tactical pros, 300’s, 500’s amplify loud enough for use with plugs? I’d hate to spend the money and find out they don’t amplify any more than my peltor tactical sports that I already have. I’ll look at the MSA and pro ears, appreciate it.
  2. looking for a new set of electronic muffs. General range, 2-gun and speed steel. My preferred ear pro approach right now is a good set of foam plugs with electronic muffs over the top to add a little protection and amplify low level sounds so I can hear with the plugs in. I have peltor tactical sports, they don’t amplify enough for me to hear well with foam plugs in. But the sound cutoff is great I can carry on a conversation at the range. My cheap caldwell muffs amplify much better, I can hear with plugs in but they chop off all sound whenever a shot goes off so it makes it hard to follow conversation. I don’t care so much about the NRR, I want to hear better with foam plugs mostly. Thanks for any suggestions.
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