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  1. Blitzkrieg buffer , JP 308 carbine sprind , and duralon spacer, the rest is is your load , fast powder vs a slower powder , bullet wieght , and so on. there is no perfect combo that everyone can shoot. that is the fun of it , Alsoo how much your gun wieghs overall, keep trying but only change one thing at a time til you get the feel you like.
  2. LOADING 4.2 grains Power Pistol 125 gr Blue Bullet , really soft at 135 pf 16" barrel . no build up in comp yet , about 700 rounds through it , load is really accurate
  3. For all practical purposes, lets have a match where 10 stages , 5 are comstock and 5 are virgina count . You have the best of both worlds. I think a 32 round COF that was virgina count would be a real challange.
  4. If you load long,, OAL 1.200 Red Dot works great . But you really need to check your load.
  5. This is always a great match. Been shooting this match for years. Always wonderful match staff.
  6. Yes I know , unless you know what alot are shooting before hand it is hard. just did not want to end up in a squad of open shooters and me slowing them down.
  7. Area 4 squading, Is there a single stack squad forming this year or is everyone just random ?
  8. When will uspsa start on the waiting list?
  9. WAS trying to pick everyones brain about what magwell to put on a Para open pistol. I have 2 of these and they run 100%. Both are extremely accurate. Looking to put on a bigger magwell, just seem to find one that I like. Any info would greatly help. Thanks
  10. has not set their status

  11. HI fellow shooters, A friend of mine gave some bullets to try for 9mm minor, the bullet is a 9mm [.356] round nose lead. Weight of this bullet is 153 grains. loaded some with solo 1000, and they shot great, little smoky. Was wondering if anyone has tried WST or 700X, or is there a better powder ? I am loading these for a jr. shooter, and I ave shot these and they feel like a 22 mag. Looking to make about 130 PF, about 850 fps. OAL for these are 1.155 . Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi fellow shooters, Have been doing a search on powders for shooting lead bullets for a while now. It seems everybody has there own idea about what shoots good for them. I am going back to shooting lead for local matches and practice, outdoors, bacause of the rising cost. I have a good supply of 180 gr lead , and a supply of powders, VV320, solo 1000, wst, and TG. Would any of these powders be ok for loading, or is there a perferred choice. I shoot a para, with a kkm heavy barrel, normaly loaded to 1.170 with precision bullets. I will chrono all loads suggested and post the results here for all to see , so that it might help the next guy or gal. Any data will be greaty appreciated. Any special receipe's to solve the delima will be grealy helpful. I am going for the 170 PF . Thanks to all.
  13. Thanks guys for all the replys, will try a slower powder and see how it works. When I get the results, I will post it for everyone. Again, Thanks
  14. HI fellow shooters, A friend cast some bulletsfor me to try in production. These are 153 gr round nose lead . After we sized and lubed them, they measured .356 in dia. Did a search, but could not find any load data for this heavy of a bullet. I loaded 2.9 gr. of Titegroup, at 1.145 OAL, went to the chrony thinking I would be about 130 PF. To my suprize, MY results were,,,,, 146 PF. IS titegroup to fast of a powder for this heavy bullet? Any other powder choices for this bullet? These were shot in a 5" XD tact. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  15. HI fellow shooters, have been hearing people talking about how powder reacts in there loads. was wondering what some of your experiences are. the guys at our club have been saying that in 40 major that slower powders seem to have less felt recoil in there hands than faster powders do. was wondering if there is any reality to that or is it just something they think they are feeling. any info on this would be very helpful. thanks alot
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