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  1. The squibs were bullets stopped in the barrel. No bueno. Yeah I'm feeling to just dump the powder and enjoy the fact that I would have about 500 primed cases and mostly pristine plated bullets.
  2. OK so I'm faced with two choices: Pull all 490 rounds and dispose of the powder therein, or reload with exactly 4.6 gr. of the mystery powder. My gut says not to trust the powder because of the squibs. Or some of the cases have no charge. Which again I won't know until I pull all the bullets.
  3. Sorry I just reviewed it on Practiscore. FOUR FTSAs and EIGHT mikes! Yeah that did me in for the whole day.
  4. Folks thanks for your indulgence. I bought a half case of 9mm from LAX ammunition some eight years ago. I got two squibs out of the first magazine. That spooked me enough to store the rest of it. Well now I'm thinking about getting into reloading, and figure I should learn how to process used brass, and I'm doing that now. Then I remember that big bag of danger rounds. I pull one, and the bullet is 115 gr. plated. The powder is this stuff right here. Anyone tell me what it is? Also is it safe to recycle powder into new loads? Thanks.
  5. I shot the Sunshine State games USPSA match yesterday in Florida. First stage of the morning, a fairly straightforward affair. I load two mags up to 20 rounds each (I'm Limited Minor with a X5 Legion), and off I go. Wait, was it 20? Or 23? Or did my reload mag have only 15? Hmm can't recall at the beep. First two targets down, then the mag POOPS out of the pistol with a stovepipe round at the top. I reload, confident that I have the ammo for the rest of the stage. Welp, I roll up to the last two targets and lo and behold I'm slide lock. So I took the two FTSAs and the four mikes.
  6. Hello ladies and gents, I had an old account on here that is lost to the sands of time. I'm back. Just changed from M&P to 320 X5 Legion and enjoying it. But I'm stuck in C class and it seems I'm stagnating! So I know there is no better knowledge base than right here. So I'm back to listen and learn. Regards, Bob Patterson A60772
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