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  1. My middle daughter just recently got interested in shooting steel with me as well and has joined our local club. She shot her first steel match today and didn't DQ....we were both very happy. The primer and power shortage has slowed down our plans for a bit, but she mainly is interested in the rimfire pistol class and fortunately I did buy gobs of .22s last year before they seemed to evaporate. Hopefully that can keep us shooting matches on a more limited basis until primers start showing up again. If anybody in Northern CA wants to trade 1k of CCI BR-4 Small Rifle be
  2. Alright...Alright...Alright... (Thank you Mathew...) Remove a comp on a revolver that because of cylinder gap will probably never develop enough gas pressure to be effective........brilliant!! Looks like thats going to be an additional item I get done when I have an action job performed. I'm holding off on that until/if/when Federal primers again see the light of day. I'm shooting winchester primers now and there is no light strike issue or failure to fire. How about another noob question? Anybody have a favorite way to clean dirty moon clips after a matc
  3. Well I shot in my second steel match since getting my 929 back and this time I had a different kind of failure. It was a smaller match, only 5 stages but when we got to stage 4 which was Pendulum, I could not for the life of me hit Plate #2. I was shooting Hi, I was shooting low, it was crazy. We got to the last stage, Accelerator when I noticed that the front comp was loose. We got an Allen wrench and screwed the comp cap back on tight and I finished the stage with more normal times and behavior. Ok, yet another thing to put on my Match pre-flight list. Extractor r
  4. I recently got my 929 back from S&W after stupidly sending it in because I could not thread the extractor rod back on....I didn't realize it was reverse thread. Sigh. Anyway, I shot it last week at the Hogue Range facility and a full Steel match, all 8 stages and did not have one cylinder lockup. Ran like a dream. I recently switched to 0.035 TK moon clips as well. That was probably my original issue, running with 0.040 moon clips. Guess I'll hang on to them if I ever start having FTF issues. One thing I have noticed is I got some of the less expensive blue ste
  5. I have an ancient Para Ordnance P14 that I had built for IDPA and now want to shoot it in Steel Challenge limited, but its missing a grip screw. Anybody know where to get a set? I've tried Brownells and Sarco. The ones Sarco sent me are too small for the grip bushings.
  6. So just so I understand the potential extractor - ejector rod issue I probably had. If the ejector rod becomes a bit loose under recoil, that would push the extractor back a little bit and possibly cause the cylinder lockup issue? Does that sound about right?
  7. Intel6, do you know if the 929 uses the Small Extractor tool or the large one? Its an N Frame revolver.
  8. Oh and I also got with the Buckmark a Ruger PCC 9, so I can use that with all the extra 9mm brass I have laying around. I still have some Winchester primers I can use for that.
  9. Wow, I feel like such an idiot. Oh well, I was running out of primers anyway. Maybe I'll get the 929 back when Primers start becoming available again.....On the plus side, I did just get a new Buckmark today to start Rimfire steel shooting with...so there's that....And I can get rimfire ammo at least.
  10. Well latest update on my 929 saga is I shipped it back to S&W today. I was going to have a red dot sight mounted on it and as I was cleaning it I noticed that the extractor was loose and moving back about an 1/8 of an inch when I just nudged the extractor rod, like it was loose. Then I messed with the extractor rod and it came out. So I think I have heard on one of these topics that the cylinder lockup could be caused by the extractor rod getting loose and backing out. That seems to have happened to mine. But when I tried to screw the extractor rod back together it would not thread pr
  11. Early on I tried Winchester brass, still have the 2 or 300 cases I bought, but came to the decision with the .40 moons I had that Federal worked better. I'll get some .035 moons from TK and try those with the Winchester brass and see if that fixes the intermittent sticking issue. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Thanks MWP. I've got a Lee Undersize 9mm die on back order. Seems many many more people discovered this remedy before me. I think the undersize die will fix the issue of the loaded moons not dropping easily into the Tk checker, but I'm not sure if that will fix the intermittent lockup issue. I was at the range yesterday and while running strings on steel stages, several times I had the cylinder lockup and I could not pull the trigger. I had to bump the cylinder to get it open. Something was hanging up. There were no extraction issues, the Federal brass just fell right out.
  13. OuterLimits - sorry just quoting what one of the distributors who buy millions of primers from Federal replied back to me. I hope you are right and this blows over after the election. My supply of Federals is running thin, but I do have a bunch of Winchester primers stocked up.
  14. A representative at Ballistic Products emailed me back the other day that Federal has informed them that there will be no primers arriving for 12-18 months. I'll keep checking the various sites. Its going to be a while before this normalizes.
  15. About 28 years ago I had just shot the 1992 Steel Challenge and was working up a light load for my wife's S&W 65 .38 special. I was shooting a 686. We both were shooting reduced power .38 special steel loads. I was loading on my Dillion 550 and I'm pretty sure I must have double charged because when I was testing the loads in my wife's revolver, I was startled when there was a much louder report and the cylinder cracked in two. Thank goodness for the billet aluminum Tasco pro point red dot sight mount or the top strap would have blown up as well. I stopped reload
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