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  1. 8.1 gr HS6 loaded at 1.165 WSPP mixed brass RMR fmj RN = 171pf
  2. Does the PT evo grip fit like a glove in the PT block option without having to file anything? I got a Chaos and had to file the PT block on the RM and Limcat holster too.
  3. I’ve been shooting for years now, have used different holsters, no issues shooting sti/sv grips. Got a new Atlas with an evo grip.. replaced my daa insert to a PT compatible but for the first time, I’m not getting a consistent drawing.. it gets stuck, Gun not smoothly coming out. Is there a daa insert specifically for Evo grips or the PT inserts should work? Or is there any other holster in the mkt best for the Evo grips? Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks to Sue, Gary and Staff for a great match.. Challenging stages and Fun as always. We'll see you on Thanksgiving match...
  5. Thanks to Bill, Rodney, Brad, Lynn and RO staffs for a well-organized outstanding match.. Congrats to all winners.. DVC
  6. Yup.. Everyone's OK.. Good thing nobody was standing to the right of the RO, the bullet hit about 8 ft to the right of the shooter.
  7. Is it posted in the matchbook which stage/s goes to what bay? Trying to find out which stage we're start on .. Thnx
  8. Known Leon since 2000.. Great guy and great shooter.. RIP,, my friend.
  9. Brad, can you post the current census of number of classes per divisions.. Thanks
  10. North TN Practical Shooters Club match will be this coming weekend, 09/14 & 09/15, shoot either sat or sun.. 6 stages with 159 rounds. Check us out at www.ntps.org for COF's, directions and times. For any questions. email: 9mongoose@gmail.com
  11. They post it on their website under match scores.
  12. Anything out of the common is always FUN to shoot, some likes it and some don't , just like standards, low ports or shooting from planks but overall, it'd still be a fun match. If the NROI approves it then it should be good to go.. Just need to break down the stage in 2 ways
  13. July 18th Range Closed to Staff Shoot Guess this means NO WALK THROUGHS OR STAGES VIEWING ON FRIDAY?
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