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  1. $1600+ shipping to him without any sensor,i feel is too expense,thanks for your idea,if you know something about how to build diy chain drive system,please let me know
  2. I just bought a RL1100, I want to build an automated reloading system controlled by raspberry pi + touch screen. I can do everything about the software, but I need help on the hardware. I will open source for this DIY project once I done . Please Help me to finish it. I did research and only found the motor and head gear that should be use,please help me to have everything that need like gear for motor and 1100,1100 connector,chain....etc... and here is the one i want to clone: those are from spitboy's post Motor: http://catalo
  3. for 9mm does the machine can do decap and size automatically?
  4. sorry my question make you confused, if there has a machine can do trimming and full length resizing with multiple caliber support? if not how about separately function like: is there have a machine that does trimming automatically with multiple caliber support ? is there have a machine that does full length resizing automatically with multiple caliber support ?
  5. I'm new in reloading, I just ordered rl1100,but if I want to save more money then I have to do sizing and trimming, I know there have rollsizer can resize the case body, but i couldn't find out which auto-machine can do case full sizing and trimming for 9mm,223,308, does anyone knows about it?
  6. that's good idea for whole upper,but personally dont like the slide style ,i like slide style as atlasgunwork's slide
  7. I'am try to build my first 2011 9mm for uspas open,i did search but doesn't help me to list all parts and questions for build, need you guys building and using experience, please school me how to build it tight and accurate for open, will post all step and parts list with photo after job done ,hope can help the people who like me as well. Questions: what's the most difficult part to build my own 2011? how to build accurate open 2011? Parts List: slide: frame: cheely/ptrinity... grip: cheely/ptrinity... etc....
  8. plan to use 147 TMJ(also think about the thebluebullet) and AA#7 and here is my setup after school here: Blade-Tech + BOSS DOH Holster Hanger DAA Premium Nylon Competition Double Belt DAA Alpha-Xi Magazine Pouch x5 Mag base pads still searching
  9. nnrrwz

    Lok grip texture

    anyone has experience on Palm Swell GridLOK Aggressive Brass for competition? how about palm swell bogies vs Palm Swell GridLOK Aggressive Brass?
  10. i'm cz s2 orange owner has 6 factory mags,glass,MSA Supreme Pro-X,that's all i have at moment,i want to know what elas i need for uspsa production/carry op,need recommendation like mags/mags pad/holster/Belt/etc.... thanks
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