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  1. Just a bit of an update, mostly to give hope for those that are waiting on bullets. the Blue Bullets that I ordered on around the 30th of Sept. It took right at a month to come in and they were the special order 356's. I got them right at the end of October. I had a smaller order for some .38 stuff at Precision and I got that too. It took a little more than a month. Now primers......
  2. I believe that I might have overthought this. I'd like to cast my own, and I was recently offered a goodly amount of lead, but the truth is I have way to many irons in the fire already to start another whole activity like casting. While I haven't loaded for 9mm before, I had loaded a fair amount of .45 including some lead bullets. They were always .452 and I noticed that Blues were .451. That's when I realized that the Blues were undersized compared to most suppliers. I think what I shall do as soon as I hit enter, is order 5k of the Blue RN in .356. I know their bullets will run in my pistols, but the added .01 makes sense to me. I'd like to get 10K and just go for it, but this will get me by for a few months and give me some time to experiment. I sure hope this mess calms down some soon. Thanks for helping me reason through this, Mike
  3. I haven't loaded but a few hundred rounds of 9MM in the past. I have a 5 gallon bucket filled with clean cases and enough primer and powder to fill them up. What I don't have is a large supply of bullets. I have tried some .355 125gr Blue Bullets and I have a load that works pretty well with them. I should add that I load for at least 4 different guns. I thought I would try some .356 in RN and TC before I made a big order, and I have ordered some to try from three different suppliers, but as you can imagine they have been slow in coming in. I really would like to load these this winter, but I'm concerned about how long it will take to receive what I have coming, develop loads, then order and receive whatever bullet I settle on. I'm faced with three choices: Wait it out and do things the measured and certain way that may take a long time. Go ahead and order a large dose of the 125gr Blue .355's. They may or may not be the best option, but I know they work. Take a chance and order something in .356 and hope they work when they get here. This one could actually be split further because I have three supplier choices and two bullet styles to choose between. What would you do? I'm really hoping to do a lot of shooting in the spring and early summer and loading my own seems to be the best bet for having affordable ammunition Thanks, and FWIW, I'm loading on a Dillon 550B
  4. I'm Mike from the great state of Texas. I'm just south of Fort Worth I've come here sporadically over the years in search of information and I've found y'all to be a great resource. I have fired an IDPA match and a couple of steel matches, but the vast majority of my shooting has been low volume, square range and plinking in the creek bed type stuff. Even that has been on again off again over the years. I'm now retired and after two or three false starts, I think I have enough time, money and energy all at the same time to start shooting more. Of course my timing is great, here we are in 2020 with primers, bullets and ammunition in short supply and or expensive. My first posts will be questions on topics concerning those issues. I expect to learn a lot Thanks for having me, Mike
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