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  1. Hello gents I just wanted to know if any of you who shoot USPSA in Production Division are currently using or have used the CZC A01 as your handgun? Also I would like to know what you used prior before upgrading to the A01 and would absolutely welcome any feedback both negative and positive about your experience with it. Thank you.
  2. Peters11 thank you I’ll look at the sight. Hey are you currently using the A01 in competition? If so what organization and division? I plan on using it in USPSA in Production. Thanks again
  3. Hooked thank you for your input on my question about the CZC holsters. I will definitely look into the custom shop.
  4. Thank you very much for Maddhatter I purchased that hanger 3 years ago and just referred to it as a BSG Hanger. 10-4 buddy thank you again.
  5. Maddhatter need some guidance on holster options. Currently for my Glock 34 I use a Ben Stoeger offset hanger and the holster has 3 vertical holes and with the hanger just 2 are needed to secure it to hanger. I just need to know what to ask for in the drop down menu when ordering the holster, I would like to use my existing hangar. There are options and I’m unsure and maybe you would know what option I should select. I’m not that familiar with all the different type of hangars. If you know thank you would like to know what to choose.
  6. Red hill tactical thank you Maddhatter I will definitely check them out.
  7. Hello folks need some info from any USPSA shooters using the CZC A01 where they purchased their holster for this particular handgun. Also is the holster handgun specific to that model or is it cross compatible with any other CZ’s. Thank you for any help.
  8. Hello Fasthenk65 I can’t find an earlier post where you said you can modify a Shadow 2 to be smoother on the trigger.  Can you reply with your suggested modifications please.  Thank you.

    1. Fasthenk65


      Yes it's very, very easy and you will be surprised by the impact (it's a different gun):


      1) CGW 11,5 lb hammer spring


      2) 10lb recoil spring


      3) to ensure all primers 'go' with the softer hammer spring: extended firing pin + soft firing pin spring CGW


      Then already it's 90% to make it really perfect:


      CZ Race hammer with the 0,2 disco


      There you are!


  9. Memphis you replied to a post I put up about the xtreme model Tanfoglio’s.  I know just about everyone said you can build a better model with the parts available.  My question to you is are xtreme models ready to go out of the box to compete in USPSA.  Compared to the CZ’s particularly the CZC A01LD how would you choose? Given the choice?

  10. Fasthenk 65 you own both the extreme Stock 3 and standard model of the Stock 2 and prefer the Stock 2 over the 3. Thank you all for helping me out with the information you posted.
  11. Polymer thank you for your reply. I will find and read the Tanfo bible thread.
  12. Folks I am absolutely new to forums but I definitely needed some information and this is the place I think I can get it. Ok so can someone tell me why the Tanfo Stock 2 X is more money than the Stock 3 X? Also if the Tanfo users had to make a choice on which handgun to use for USPSA Production which would you choose and why? I’m ready to purchase one of these outstanding handguns I’m just really unsure of which model to get. Need some advice. Thank you.
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