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  1. After that, it’s worth checking this page periodically to make sure you’re not missing out: https://lapolicegear.com/lapg-promotions Their urban ops pants are one of the best deals going (IMO).
  2. Same. I’ve been lucky (just a few slow shipping times) but still regard them as vendor of last resort.
  3. The three Austin Powers movies have aged FAR better than I would have expected them to when released. History of the World, Part I Ghostbusters Tropic Thunder
  4. I've started doing much the same for range practice, but using an email in the Drafts folder that can be modified as I go - either adding to (e.g. double check that I have spare batteries for the chrono or shot timer) or for checking off as stuff goes in the vehicle. Took a break for a few years. First match back I showed up with a non-functional holster. Now a backup (or two) are part of the checklist.
  5. I've always viewed the hammer test as useful for home-done application jobs, to see if your process needs to be tweaked/modified. If you finish coating some bullets and they fail the hammer test, you may want to re-look your coating process and product before loading up rounds and taking them to the range (wasting time and components). I've never really considered hammer-testing a commercial product. I'm not going to tweak a company's coating methods, and I've already paid for (and obtained) the bullets. As others have said... "does it work?" is the real question. If they're TH
  6. My order arrived today; order was placed and shipped last week.
  7. Any recommendations on an in-stock 147 gr mold? My 45 ACP cast stuff does well (Lee 230 grain round nose), but Lee doesn't make a 147 grain mold (and my experiments with my 6-gang 124 grain 9mm Lee mold produces inconsistent results - mostly a LOT of flashing on the dropped bullets). I've been looking around for a Lyman 147 but can't seem to locate one in stock (had one on backorder from Midway for what seems like ages now). Debating rolling the dice on the Lee 358-150-1R and sizing to 356... I'm in the same boat as you - no shortage of projectiles on hand, but I have a couple b
  8. Previously Wilderness Instructor, but I've recently taken a liking to the Ares Gear Aegis belt.
  9. While I don't want to be That Guy to say "just go dry fire", that is the direction I'm headed. I was already inclined that direction (need to work dryfire), but ammo being tight got me to take the time to focus on that aspect.
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