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  1. The dot will always dance but as long as it's in the A zone like others have said, just be confident in your trigger pull and send it. The learning curve for me from irons to red dot took a few months so just keep at it. I think just getting over the learning curve of the dot will make you better even when going back to irons since your muscle memory to press out is more refined since you have a lower margin for error with a dot.
  2. Making A or M class in CO. Working on maintaining a good sight picture while moving and during transitions, moving faster, and not psyching myself out lol.
  3. Good day, new to the forum and was recommended to me by a few buddies I shoot with. Started in IDPA a few years ago and branched off into USPSA in 2019...really loving USPSA with the higher round count, challenging stages, and more freedom of stage planning. Good to meet y'all!
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