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  1. Gentlemen- thanks for the guidance and willingness to beat a dead horse. It is much appreciated! ML123- my goal is to jump to 223 once I feel I have mastered my load on 9mm. Yes, that means more parts. Rainman- I did my research but had to ask anyway. I figured any info is moving forward. Somone has to jump out of the foxhole, right! It seems each reply gets me thinking of another Q. I ordered an LED so I can check (visually) each round. Should I cut my teeth doing that and then move to a powder check die? I do know the risk of a double from having a colonel
  2. The insanity has started. I blame you guys. I ordered a 550c and some extra stuff. Tell me I'm wrong with this stuff. 550c with strong mount and trays set up for 9mm Lee carbide 9mm die set Arsenal platinum scale Lyman's 50th reloading book L E Wilson gauge Junky primer flip tray VV N320 powder That is all I can think of right now. I need 124 grain bullets and primers. Thinking of loading a 124 grain FMJ not super hot or anything.
  3. Booooooooooooo for logic. Calm and rational thought can be bad for your affliction. Really though- I am wondering if I just piece it together over the long haul buying deals up when they come. I have ammo for a while. I won't need brass.
  4. So other than just a Google search for best reloading supplies, where would you guys start? I think I'll start today. Any of you guys want to unload an old 550? I know all of you have 5 reloaders.
  5. I am glad I asked. Thanks guys. I am thinking I'll just try to find an RL550c to start. I'm in no reloading race. And the simplicity of the 550 might be a little easier to teach the boy---- after I learn. I am going to keep it simple and cut my teeth on reloading 9 to start. Once I find my favorite recipe, I'll branch out.
  6. Thanks guys. I know a guy who might sell me his 750, but I'm not that confident it will happen. I want to get rolling with a platform so I can find out what I need. I really don't want the thing to do everything for me- it kind of takes the fun away.
  7. Thanks for the replies gents. Since my unplanned foray into the world of 2011, I am mostly 9mm oriented. I will, however, plan to reload 45 and 223/308 as well. I do not mind spending on the front end for the swap parts. I am thinking a 650 to start if I can find one with all of the goodies. I don't mind earning my way up if I want to go up the ladder.
  8. First of all hello- I am a mid life whole life gun nut who has been shooting since before it was probably advisable in the 70s. I have also been reloading as a form of punishment/discipline from a full bird father for the better part of my childhood. I have that damn Pacific 12g reloader down in my basement now and am pretty proficient at that form of reloading. I know my recipes and am pretty detail oriented. I have done my research and think I know what I want. I just wanted to ping it off of the wise old sages here and have them tell me their thoughts- even if rude. I deserve it. The rebir
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