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  1. This is all very smart advise. I have a SP-01 as well, I am planning on doing more matches with that before looking to buy a new pistol, was just looking to get an idea on what sort of pistol is worth looking at. rising sun, to answer your questions, I loved all of it! I enjoyed the rapid shooting, the reloads, planning out my routes and reload points, all of it. I don't plan on getting into reloading right now nor PCC.
  2. Hey just did my first USPSA match and I'm hooked! Shot production with my CZ P10C, but am researching what pistol would be the best option for me. Obviously there is no substitute for handling, dry firing, and shooting a pistol myself, but what firearms do you recommend for production class? I have been looking at the Shadow 2, but also the Arex Alpha is really intriguing me. I know the shadow 2 is very popular, does anyone have any experience with the Arex Alpha? What other options should I be looking at? Looking to keep cost below $1400. Before I buy a new pistol, I plan on doing several mor
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