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  1. Hey all, Digging up an older topic here that I saw some remnants on across the internet but nothing recent within the last 5+ years. I read a few posts that said that in the past, the "comfortech" stock was the same part number for the m2, the SBE, and the supernova. It looks like since then, the supernova has been given a "different" styled comfortech stock, as the midwest gun parts link referenced before, is now an M2/SBE only product link - Specifically, now it looks like the product for the Supernova, has a grip area that is not stipled but ribbed as a "diff
  2. any recommendations for dealers that might have one in stock? Apparently theres a shortage...
  3. Hey all, finally registered after finding MANY google searches on reloading leading me to Brian's forums. Im starting out with a dillon XL 750, got most of my stuff in for 223 and 9mm, then added a dillon case feeder, dillon trimmer, a mr. bullet feeder pro, and a DAA primer collater. Also added a LEE APP for swaging. Now I'm putting it all together and enjoying reading the tips and tricks on here!
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