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  1. curious as well. hard to find any feedback. Even the owners group on FB is a little tight-lipped.
  2. Thats good to know, as Ive been meaning to send this back to them and forgot about it.
  3. update, got the taccom unit. Its a +6...and a few bits of feedback I can share: The end piece is threaded and takes a cap or offers the ability to basically attach a second extension. very nice. Beautifully made product. I was going to just order a black extension, but now that I'm building out a 3 gun kit, I think I'm going to stick to this theme and do a natural carbon fiber handguard on my rifle to match. the weight savings/increased supposed durability should be worth it. What made me choose against ordering the briley (ALMOST did it) was I went back to their site and saw a recall on extensions. Figured thats a good enough sign for me. Ive heard nothing but good things about Tim at Taccom and pulled the trigger. Jury is still out on his Delrin follower so I didnt buy that. I may order the nordic or briley low drag one regardless when I get the receiver loading port work done. The +6 sticks out past the barrel end by about 3/4" - full inch (only thing I was picky about)...as the others I looked at all promised a flush/almost flush fit with their +6. [img]https://i.imgur.com/ypNFIbf.jpg[/img] Construction/fit/finish is superb. Only thing I wasnt crazy about: I ordered the clamp to keep the tube aligned to the barrel. The fit on mine wasnt great. required 2 shims...instructions with it mention only needing to use the shims for competitor's tubes. Ended up taking it off. May call them about it next week. Either I got an out of spec/defect or its that loose as as the clamping area circumference goes.. However...with the tube empty, it doesnt seem that it needs the clamp for support at all. I'll have to load it up to the full 9 round capacity and see if that still applies with it weighted down.
  4. Most of the popular ones Ive found are OOS with no backorder estimates. Lancer - everything is OOS Nordic - MXT nut is OOS everywhere MOA Precision: clamp, followers, and tube OOS at time of writing DMW - website looked to be down a few days ago, said they were catching up on orders.. So that leaves me with Briley or Taccom. Both of these offer a Carbon Fiber tube that is lighter weight, and price is with $10 of each other. Any recommendations for one vs the other? Ive noticed a lot of guys talking about upgrading to the briley low drag follower (metal item), while taccom offers a delrin follower (havent seen any others who do this) would love to hear some current feedback as older posts on the subject were mainly centered around when Nordic was the only decent game in town or DMW.
  5. Hey all, Digging up an older topic here that I saw some remnants on across the internet but nothing recent within the last 5+ years. I read a few posts that said that in the past, the "comfortech" stock was the same part number for the m2, the SBE, and the supernova. It looks like since then, the supernova has been given a "different" styled comfortech stock, as the midwest gun parts link referenced before, is now an M2/SBE only product link - Specifically, now it looks like the product for the Supernova, has a grip area that is not stipled but ribbed as a "different design" Im guessing to differentiate from the m2/SBE comfortech (more expensive part) which looks like this: My question is..if I purchased a benelli M2 tactical, would the comfortech stock from a supernova tactical swap in? any ideas? Ive noticed that the Supernova carries two part numbers now for the comfortech stock..one is a "61198" which according to the description "Fits Models with Standard Recoil Spring Tube" and then an identical looking photo for a model "61176" which according to the description "Fits Models with LE Telescoping Recoil Spring Tube" so the question is two-fold..one..is the 61198 model compatible with an M2/SBE ...just different grip pattern..and likely the one that will come with a stock supernova tactical. and two...is the 61176 specific to LE only models which came with a telescoping stock by default...so the recoil tube would be notched/grooved.
  6. any recommendations for dealers that might have one in stock? Apparently theres a shortage...
  7. Hey all, finally registered after finding MANY google searches on reloading leading me to Brian's forums. Im starting out with a dillon XL 750, got most of my stuff in for 223 and 9mm, then added a dillon case feeder, dillon trimmer, a mr. bullet feeder pro, and a DAA primer collater. Also added a LEE APP for swaging. Now I'm putting it all together and enjoying reading the tips and tricks on here!
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