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  1. So the X release arrived, I like the profile of it but it feels sticky compared to the metal release that was in the gun (bought second hand so I have no idea what brand). The ghost just had a lot of drag to it and my mags weren’t dropping free.
  2. I wish it was easier for me to reach, that’s about it.
  3. Thanks! I ended up ordering a ghost a few days ago on a whim after hearing crickets on the forums. It’s on its way in the mail so I look forward to trying it.
  4. Does anyone know where DAA products are shipped from? I’m looking at picking up a complete rig and wondering if there will be any added hassle with customs due to covid.
  5. What is the go to mag release for gen 5 Glocks that is USPSA carry optics legal? I’m just getting back into shooting a Glock (gen 5 g34) and am lost with all the new gear on the market.
  6. I went to the site and they do have them for g17 mags which were attractive to try.
  7. Looking to pick up some cheaper mags for local matches and practice. I saw Aimsurplus is now selling their own house brand +5 g17 mag extensions. Has anyone bought these yet and do they meet the 140mm rule? I am shooting USPSA carry optics. Thanks!
  8. I actually called Safariland the other day to get the scoop. They said your inner belt is the actual measurement of your waist through your belt loops, so for me, 40, then for the outer belt add 2. Their numbers do not necessarily correlate to pant size. I wear a 36ish pant size, 36 is a bit loose, but 34 is a bit tight. So per their directions I need a 40 inner and 42 outer. I don't have my belt in hand yet so I can't help with the overall dimension question.
  9. Hey guys, new member hailing from NE, Ohio. I've been shooting for about 10 years, shot some local IDPA events here and there for fun but am now wishing to take competitive shooting a bit more serious. Getting back into it this season with some local fun steel matches, multi-gun, and gearing up for my first USPSA event. Glad to be a part of this forum to find answers for my dumb questions. Thanks!
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