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  1. So STI called me back a few days after receiving the gun and said that the gun is new and the marks on the gun are because of the tight fit and if they sent me a new gun it would have the same marks.I explained to them that I own a number of custom 2011s that are hand fitted (Atlas gunworks) but have zero internal slide wear after 2k rounds. But the person who called said he is on the production side and the customer service and marketing guys are not familiar with these things. If I had sent him the pics he would have told me not to bother sending the gun in. The gun is back with me and I am running it on the range getting ready for a steel match.
  2. The store that sold me the 'new' gun denied that it was used. They were not willing to do anything. Pretty pathetic. I gave STI their info of course and they were going to investigate. But this is one of the premier gun clubs in Houston and they host STI events twice a year. So i think they will get a pass IMO.
  3. Guys i contacted Stacatto2011 via email with pictures attached. They asked me to file a warranty claim, which i did and today i received an overnight shipping label. Have shipped the gun back and as per Dustin (the phone contact there) they should ship me out a new gun. But lets wait and see once they receive the gun and physically check it, what the final outcome will be.
  4. So in your opinion take it back to the store and get a refund?
  5. Hi all. Purchased a new Staccato xc. Brought it home and disassembled to clean. Noticed wear marks where the coating/blueing is already wearing. In your opinion does it look like I was sold a used gun or is it a fit and finish problem with STI? I have another STI with about 1200 rounds through it. Looks better than this one.
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